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Nothing sweeter than getting a headshot, sending a slug through your enemy's brains :D. Head Shot unknown. When a female quifes in a mans face while she is on the rag. Splattering his face with blood. A variation of a winchester or a winchester tie dye.

All I can think about is getting a head shot from you next time you are ragging out your snatch. Milkshake Duck Being a Towel Above your raising Pank Rembrandt Octopus Girl Hambug Fumble the bag The seagull What are some cool marketing campaigns you've seen recently? Need some MarketingInspiration. N ow that we've covered what makes a headshot good, let's dive in to how to actually take one. These tips are based on research and interviews from folks who know a lot more about photography and headshots than I do -- I've just organized the tips in one place for your reading pleasure.

From there, you'll end up setting a timer and posing for the picture.

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The best headshot location is typically indoors, away from direct sunlight, and in front of a solid color backdrop like a wall or a sheet. Direct sunlight is harsh and can be totally unforgiving. Wolf actually prefers taking portraits outdoors over indoors. His trick? That means sitting or standing in front of a solid-colored wall that'll make your face stand out.

If you can't find a solid colored wall, you could purchase a backdrop online for relatively cheap, like one of these on Google Shopping. What should you buy? If not, you can go a long way with some lights like this from Ikea. You can skip this step if you're using a regular camera. But camera phones are actually pretty great nowadays , and can serve you quite well for the purposes of a headshot.

If you're on your own, you'll definitely want to download one of those camera apps -- especially for the timer feature. Before you start your photoshoot, you're going to want to make sure you have room for all the photos you're going to take. Like, possibly several hundred. The last thing you're going to want to do is pause your photoshoot to clear space on your phone. Modern versions of iOS and Android devices have options in settings to show you exactly what's taking up storage on your device:.

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Remember: You're going to end up taking a ton of photos to narrow down that one headshot. You won't want to be in a rush. So don't make this a half-hour break from your work: Give yourself plenty of time for setup, taking the photos, and going through them -- I'd suggest two or three hours, minimum.

Practice different ways to "let your personality shine" so you have some looks to work with when you finally start your shoot. You don't need to spend a lot of money on makeup and hair. You'll probably end up looking like a totally different person if you do -- and that's not the point. The point is to look like yourself on a really good day. That means spending time making your hair look good, shaving, putting on neutral makeup that conceals under-eye shadows and redness.

If you're not savvy on this stuff, have a friend help you out. What you're wearing in your headshot will say something about you. When you choose a shirt to wear, think about where your headshot will appear and what message you'd like your picture to convey. You don't need to worry about bottoms and shoes, as headshots won't show below your mid-chest. For example, let's say you have some cool tattoos on your arms. You'll want to think about whether you'd like to showcase them as part of your unique personality, or cover them up if you want to be more formal.

Here are a few good rules of thumb from Paul Valentino , a European actor currently based out of Los Angeles:. Once you arrive at your location, it's time for the hard part: setting up your lighting. There are a lot of different ways to go about this, and you'll have to do some initial trial-and-error work to get it just right. Image Credit: Photographers' Connection. Set them up so they don't shine directly on your face, Kolowich told me. The key to a good portrait is the subtle use of shadow," he says.

T o avoid those weird shadows, you'll want to set up your lights about two feet away from where you'll be sitting or standing if they're larger studio lights, or a little further away if they're smaller, desk lamp-sized lights, writes Shure.

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Once you've got the lighting down, set up your camera so it's on a steady surface. If you're using a your camera phone, make sure you're using the lens on the back of your phone, not the "selfie lens. You'll want it to be about two or three feet away from where you'll be standing or sitting. You'll also want the camera to be facing you dead-on i. Once you're camera's positioned correctly, it's time to set up your camera app of choice if you're using a camera phone.

To give you an idea of how I'd set up the camera app, here's what I would do in GorillaCam. You can take similar steps using other camera apps.

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Next, open up Camera Settings by tapping the icon with a circle of dots on the bottom right of your phone screen. Try both ways, and see which you like better. Make sure you're looking right at the lens. When you first start taking the photos, you may find yourself looking and feeling kind of stiff. That's perfectly natural -- but it won't help to just stand there and force a smile.

Help yourself out by doing things that'll loosen you up a little bit. Shure suggests leading into a smile by talking to yourself to get a more natural expression.

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As you start taking photos, review them, scrutinize them, and make adjustments as necessary. Play with the lighting, the shadows, and the angle of your face until you find the most flattering pose. As long as you've freed up space on your phone, you might as well take a few hundred -- you can always delete them later.

Once you're done with the shoot, sit down and review every single one, deleting the obvious bad ones and picking out your favorites as you go. Once you've narrowed it down somewhat, send what you have to an honest friend, like your spouse or your sibling. Have your best photo ready? It's time to touch it up using a great photo editing app.

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