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I had to download Firefox, but the Android provided web browser does not work with more complex webpages, like ones with links where you to generate responses, etc.

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If I want to watch any video on my Xoom, I have to convert to resolution of This, of course, makes my video files bigger than they need to be or makes it impossible to playback anything I buy from Amazon. You should research simmering before you jump in. There are easy answers to am off your concerns. You just need to unlaze yourself and look. You are hilarious! Is that why the only Linux system I ever had crash was due to a mechanical failure in the system drive?

Windows cant do that lol. Problem with Android, even the Nexus 7 , is shoddy hardware, shoddy software designed to make a profit through invasive ads for the dev who does not give a lick about quality, altered software by 2 layers carrier and manufacturer who give not a lick about speed, quality, and stability, and too many experimental elements like the Java environment on top of that Linux with real time compiler to run proprietary code. Put all this on an experimental userspace like I described, including so many in between not giving a shit, and it all falls down.

I love my Linux systems, but after numerous instances of bad luck with Android that drove me to try the unadulterated Nexus experience, since in principle I liked the OS but wanted to get away from the issues, I am sad to say that the aforementioned Nexus will be my last Android device ever. I will keep with my beautiful Linux systems that never give me any significant trouble. Worst that happens is I try something experimental and have to roll back to stable branch. Using my old keyboard phone indefinitely and when it comes time for a new tablet, I will investigate a surface tablet and paving it over with Linux with one of the modern touch compatible UIs.

Most of them use standard UEFI if an x86 based one and Linux has that licked, so should not be too huge of a project, other than customizing the UI to suit the tablet. But that might actually be fun. This is exactly the thing i cant understand from Android. Is based on Linux, i used the Ubuntu distro and i can tell how stable and flexible it is and how well it performs there are more distros but if Ubuntu does it well, others can do it even better. Linux is used on servers for a reason, but the Google takes it, molds it to their taste and give us this frustrating experience The thing with Java, i dont know how much it affects the system, but i guess is one of the biggest flaws to be honest ive never liked Java as a language.

As a manager of 55 Android smart phones and 12 iThings I can say I dont fully agree with all your assessments. The first thing I want to say is the iStuff virtual keyboards are better, hands down. I dont think the gap is as wide as you state but Apple did that better for sure. But the rest of your rant is exaggerated to say the least. No hardware standards?

Software bugs? Locked down??? I develop apps for our internal use, using the Apple BT stack needs me to dance a jig while walking on water! With the droid, easy as pie. Its not perfect no, but its the best I have found! PS: dropped all Berrys in the dont use these box over a year ago, only tested BB10 and Windows phones for a few weeks, my experience with them is limited. JustSumGuy, You dont have to agree with any of my points. I just recently bought and returned the Nexus 7 and it was constantly giving me problems and freezing up on me. Yes, the platform is locked down and it doesnt matter if you do a pure apples to apples comparison as I didnt even mention iOS in this article.

You just assumed this was a hit-piece one Android and a pro-Apple editorial. Doesnt matter if you can do more on Android than iOS. Thanks for the comment. Why in the world do you say you didnt even mention iOS?

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You mention iOS or iPhone at least 4 times and the comments you make comparing the two make it seem like you got a thing for Apple. If you have articles where you bash Apple and have good things to say about Android, then let me know where it is so you dont look so biased. Okay for one, of course the popular Androids have more case options, why do you think iPhone has the most case options?

Because most people own iPhones. You mustve had a brain fart on that one. The second thing I need to point out, is everyone says that the Android doesnt have a completely open platform, but can you name a device that does? It has the most open platform compared to everything else on the market and is a lot less locked down than iPhones. That also goes to explain why Android consumes more battery life more complex , why less people use Android the OS doesnt hold your hand through everything , and lastly why it has bugs and inconsistencies every phone manufacturer wants to customize their own version of the OS with different hardware, crapware, and UI since its possible with this OS.

So its funny you mention its not open platform, but everything you hate is because of it being more open platform than competitors. It sounds like you just got a crappy Android that was made crappier by the manufacturer. I would go with a Samsung Galaxy if I were you I cant speak for the Active or the Mega, just the main series S2, S3, S4 , theres a good reason they are the most popular of the Androids.

Oh and then Ive had the same problems on iOS where an app will tell me I cant download it or cant update it because I dont have the latest OS. So I dont even know why you mentioned that, it seems like its true across all phones that newer apps are only compatible with the latest OS. Read my article on the Nexus 7. No, I dont have a thing for iOS. No brain fart, just pointing the obvious. I guess I should have clarified with the open point. That should be clear in my Nexus 7 review.

The rest of your questions have been answered either in previous comments or out videos. I agree every point. This OS makes a good hardware dumb!! Want a pure linux based system with proper SSN integrated. I dont want to open 10 applications to set my status available everywhere, neither I want OS restricting me to copy files directly to my phone Windows and iPhone. Im trying to update it, and cant find out how to switch from Kurio Interface to Android Interface! Im pissed and wish to throw it threw my window!! Ive tried since December, I just hate it!!

CrapDroid will always be laggier, slower, less stable, uglier than iOS. I had an experience with an Android device more than 3 years. I dont mind the slight differences in one companys version versus anothers. My issue with Android is it always feels like its in beta. I love Linux, dont get me wrong, but when I have an issue there I pull up the terminal and can fix most issues. I cannot do that with an Android device. So Im stuck with something that doesnt feel polished and will feel buggy.

As I was selecting the words, it assumed I wanted to overwrite it and type Thanks instead. Couldnt retrieve the message. Total anger boiled inside me. I only have an android because my iPhone is in repair shattered screen. Cannot wait to get it back!!!!! Turn your spell check off and type your message you dumb prick, once again your fault for being a dumbass. The basic Android problem, at least with the Samsung version, is that its target market is teeny-boppers rather than working adults. Its a toy and not a tool. My Galaxy S-4 cant even meet the basic function of being a hands-free phone unless you have a good data connection, nor can it resynch with Outlook on my office computer.

Im a consultant and I am not about to allow my contact data, notes, appointments, etc. I hate android. The fact i have to hack something i paid for, to make it not a piece of junk. The fact i have to root it- would you pay for a windows or linux machine that wont trust you with admin rights? The playstore, further, has more malware than a warez and porn site. Looking forward to Ubuntu phone edition release in the U. Ubuntu phone looks way better than Android, and it can multitask also.

I did my best to open my mind to its interface and what some deem its customization and ease of use. After a year, Ive gotten used to the lags, the jumping screens, the automatically switching icons, the fact that you cant set a different tone for your different notifications without some sort of funky beta app, and having to re-start it several times a day because of app malfunctions.

Ive yet to see any real customization to the base UI, other than add-ons that bulk up garbage on top of the already shaky platform. Add to that the fact that everything is in a different place on every different makers version of Android, which is migraine-inducing when youre trying to work with someone elses phone.

Then theres the junk drawers the folders full of downloads and apps and crapware much of which you cant erase without damaging the system. I feel kind of suckered into the entire Android hype by the people who swear its a superior product to Apple. Needless to say, I will be returning to iPhone soon. I like to stick with the classic original not the fiberglass kit version. To be presumably based on Linux, Android is a crap of OS. Its poor performance and lack of functionality is what really bugs me.

I had a crappy Alcatel phone and recently i acquired an Xperia phone and is basically the same shit. To be supposedly based on LInux i expected to have a clean-working system, with no need for maintenance unlike Windows , improved stability and more flexibility. Ive used Linux before Ubuntu and i got charmed by how it works, now that i move to Android i got dissapointed because a lot of flaws in the system.

I blame poor software design at Google. I took an axe to my last phone, a droid turbo. I couldnt get root, so i executed it for treason. Okay, first Android was great way back in the Gingerbread days and force closes almost never happened. Honestly, the best phone OS on the market is the Windows Phone but, even that has been hurt by Microsoft. Microsoft insists that games run on their servers so, often you cannot play against people on Android or iOS where those platforms happily have cross game play.

Of course the biggest plague to Windows Phone are the lack of apps and that should subside with Windows Phone 10 but, for now it is still an issue. I have had some android phones and i really hate it. Fucking lame piece of crap. I got one windows and one android phone now. The windows phone may be a little boring and may have a little lack of apps for some, but man it is 10x faster then android. Android is a slow annoying piece of crap os and the phones is full of crapware. I thought i should use the android as a spy video recorder, but all the apps is so crappy that they dont function like they should.

So, you don't care about the iPhone 7? Here are 10 reasons why you should

I did pay for a spy app that should record to the sd card. And even if the phone tells you it is recording to the sd card it dont, it uses up all the internal storage so i have to reset the phone to factory settings. When you have done that play dont store your info and want you to pay for the app you just bought. Well fuck you android shit. Even if iphones are expensive and windows phone is a bit dull, buy one of them anyway and stay away from the amature android crap.

I have the Nokia and the wife and kids have the Nokia The has a larger screen than the , a front facing camera, and a real xenon flash for the rear camera. We own them, no contract. Both the high end and the low end models perform well. I was surprised at the snappiness of the low end Nokia. Both models have GPS receivers that lock a signal fast and the built in navigation apps allow you to download maps so you can navigate without a data connection. All of the most popular apps are available, like facebook, iheart radio, pandora, netflix, etc. But iOS and Android do offer a lot more choice.

For example, I can load the amazon app to purchase things but they dont have an Amazon music app for WP. Im surprised that the latest windows phones havent gained more market share. The OS is very good and Nokia makes good hardware. Android is good as a hobby. If you want a professional phone, Windows or Blackberry are the phones to get.

The only thing Android based phone can do once unlocked and rooted is Call Recording. Ur a retard really the battery life is worse. Wow you are so angry! My last android phone the Galaxy S4 functioned perfectly for some time before the device started slowing down, app crashes and bloat ware took up space and dont get me started on the appalling state of Googles Play Store. Not to mention how slowly the updates came through, or in the case of my 10 inch tablet no updates at all, the tablet was stuck on 4.

Android has become the Microsoft Windows of the mobile world, bloated, slow, virus prone, and fragmented possibly beyond repair! Apple is better kid dont mean to burst ur bubble but when u get a little older youll realize android is just a kids device I mean lollipop an marshmallow what kind of adult uses a phone with names like that on it lmfao hahaha android is terrible its slow its laggy battery life cant even last half a day the operating system is filed with bugs ugly interface phones are plastic an overheat they have viruses an poor app selection, android copies apple every year in phone an tablet design even their operating system trying to copy apples iOS theme, android is a trolls phone cuz u do stuff on it thats useless an pointless I know all this cuz I had a Samsung Galaxy s4 now I have the iPhone 6s Plus an I just have to sum up android in one word GARBAGE.

What reasonable adult sees a presentation for the newest iphone and sees such inovations as 0. If you want apps that claim to be free or paid for but once installed you find have various hidden costs to do anything Buy an android. If you applications that want over-reaching permissions riddled with malware Buy Android. If you want some devices that come factory delivered with malware in their rom Buy Android. If you want something you have no control over because theyve taken away root Buy Android.

If you want no support from the people that actually wrote the android software Buy an Android tks google nice way to divert responsibility off yourselves If you want to have issues because the software has been modified and its in some language you cant understand Buy an Android. Point being Open source can be good, but with no control standards Android sucks. Even as designed the thing is just a big snooping, advertising delivery, sellware engine to nickel and dime you to death. Yeahey add me on the list of Android turned iPhone, I have had 2 Samsung phones and I have always had problems.

I had the Galaxy S4 and currently have the Galaxy Note 4 and it sucks. Its been so bad and the text messaging does not work properly anymore. I did a factory reset now the LTE does not work. I went back my old iPhone 4s and it works better. A 4 year old phone Vs a 10 month old phone. I think Ill pick up that iPhone 6s soon. I hate my s3 for a couple of reasons. The first is the annoying connected to wifi. Its like my internet browser minimizing to my desktop, and a pop up comes up telling me that I am using wifi. Seriously, what project manager with Google decided to put that shit on my S3?

Another reason I hate android is that the expiereince is hit or miss. Every Iphone I had was pretty much rock solid software wise lol except things like the text message that closes your phone. Since when Do I need anti virus on a smart phone? I hate the inconsistency on my s3, like having screen rotation set to OFF but then I rotate my phone and it rotates the screen. Sorry customer my ear accidentally hung us up. I dont hate android any more than any other brand of os. What i HATE is being led along by a leash. If i buy the phone, why am i not the administrator?

If i install windows or ubanto or any other os on my pc im the administrator yet on a mobile i have to go through the bullshit of rooting my device which with android is a lot messier than my nokia experiences. My xperia z3 is a pain in the ass to root especially after i found the exploit only applys to 4. Also, why r all the advertising and annonimous user usage setting always turned on by default before u have a chance to turn them down? Hmmm annoyingly difficult to make sure u turn them all off tooo.. F king a hole google s t!

Wtf were they thinking! What about storage! The ONLY thing my adroid can do that my 5 year old n8 couldnt do is surf the web fast. Android, all show and no go imo. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 right now after using Apple devices for many years. I cant wait to go back to an iPhone in February after we get our tax money. I find Android messy and confusing. I love the simplicity of an iPhone. Almost everything just works. I agree that if you are tech savvy or like to figure things out yourself then Android would be much more interesting.

The one thing Im going to miss about Android is the live wallpapers. Theres some really cool ones, such as the ones by Maxelus spelling , and beautiful ones as well. It will also be hard to know Im missing out on the visual capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S series, which Ive read has the best screen resolution. The graphics are stunning.

I like to play games on that and, as stated before, would miss the live wallpapers. Thats okay though. Im very happy to save up for an Apple device because I think they are divine! NO, dont over compensate. You just said iphone is better because of simplicity and went on to claim android Is far more advanced then your lack of brain power to figure it out. Your like most people here, you love Apple only because you lack any technical knowledge.

I have not seen one legitimate argument as to why you people think iphone is better, its just uneducated whining. I totally agree with what author said. Android sucks and lunux users know how good linux work even on low resources and weak machines wtf is wrong with andorid then isnt it supposed to be linux?

But know what? I hate iPhone times more. Didnt test windows based but i distrust microsoft just look what they did with skype after buying it. Back on iPhones i just despise them full retard mode system where machine is supposed to set best options for what you want to do like machine is smarter than you and can chose best option for current situation. What a hell is that logic? Had iPhone for some time was cursing apple not joking I actually did curse them out loud ever single second of using it. Yes i admit it have less bugs and it works smoother then most androids, its design and build quality is better than some android phones but that is not enough to compensate for stupid logic and limited way of using phone.

Just imagine crappiest and old android, cheep phone having less problems with wi-fi am not joking. Imagine that you have to install retarded ugly, crappy, stupid, retarded, with limited workflow and limited usage software on your PC just to copy few photos from iPhone to PC ok some androids also cant copy directly to PC but still software you have to install on your PC is not that retarded, limited and ugly like for iPhone I am big fan of linux and open source. I hate Microsoft cos they made really big and stupid moves about many things win 8 and 10 was last drop.

I absolutely despise apple and it retard friendly logic.

4 camera di android VS 1 camera di iPhone

Slowly am starting to hate Google not just cos of android and their mocking of linux. Long story short looks like i hate all 3 phone os that are most popular but i hate apple most. I briefed through most of the article but everything that my eyes caught I was pretty much, yep. I didnt notice anything about the battery life sucking after just a few months. I so agree with all off the above. LG its self I loved it till LG wanted to be smart with android. I bought the LG sunrise with android. I phone I never had problems yes you are limited to do other things thats why apple protect there user.

I totally agree. Ive owned various iPhones and Windows 8. Android is without a doubt the worst of the bunch, with Windows 8. For a phone that is supposed to be openly configurable, it is amazing just how un-configurable this phone can be so you are forced to live with many of the annoying default options whether you want them or now.

Gee this is the very thing all the Android people seem to constently complain about the iPhone truth is their phones are no better. Worse yet, because there are so many damn versions none of which have version numbers so you dont know which is the latest or not ; if you try to Google a work-around then youll find tens of different versions because of the various OSs and cellular providers none of which are specific to or on your phone.

I cant wait for the next 18 months to pass so I can get rid of this piece of crap! Android is prob the worst thing ever made lol everything about it is defective an cant function properly its more for fake tech users who claim they have legit reasons why its better then apple but in reality dont know shit about quality i call android fake iPhones cuz they copy apples iPhone an iPad designs an iOS they even try to make similar wallpapers lmao I dont have respect for any android phone besides lg they actually have their own thing every other android company has taken apples designs an what makes me laugh is they say its not copying its influenced design pff yah ok haha my verdict is android is garbage an its made by frauds.

Apple is like, good, has some awesome feature-some drawbacks. But its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Android.. So apple is made up to fill in gaps of human knowledge and leads to stoning people to death because they were raped? Why cant I just copy over a folder of MP3s and play that.

I Hate Android: Why It Sucks

The company that developed drag and drop doesnt even support it in their own mobile operating system. Dont get me started on how OS X is turning into Windows, and Apple becoming more of an evil dictatorship than Microsoft. I really wish Linux was more polished and had better support. I went from Android to iOS, never looked back. I love not having to wait forever for my updates to arrive to my phone, lack of standards makes android suck.

I really dont have experience using an Android device, but when I tried to use my mums Samsung Galaxy S5, I found it really hard to use because it is so messy, slow and unoptimised. Funny, I find the exact same thing happens when I try to use Apple devices. Theyre annoyingly backwards from other standards, try to force you into their little ecosystems of garbageware and generally do nothing flexible. I hate them all. Please tell me you dont still believe the old ad about Apples not getting viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, malware, et cetera.

The ignorance is realmost people dont know how to use computerized devices and they make most of the problems themselves. Its frustrating. Wow too much variation isnt there? Different interface solutions? And whats this? If you get a cheap ass phone it comes with freeware? Good god, its almost as though androids arent 1 blanket type of phone and you can get different phones. Back to increasingly oversized screens thank you very much. These comments explain why people buy iphones. Or in this case iphone 6 from 6s. Funny, most people in our IT department use iPhones, they are efficient, consistent and do what they need to do.

Funny, I dont. Because Android has far more flexibility for such departments. If I had to use any Apple devices for that, Id want to kill myself. Pizza is inconsistent. Cars are inconsistent. Music is inconsistent. Potato Chips are inconsistent. Gosh, its almost like every single product worth owning is inconsistent because people are vibrant and different and want different things. So you really have to worry about someone thats trying to kill off variety. That person has seriously had their head messed with by great marketing.

This is absurd. If you truly want consistency, have the entire department buy the same Android phone. I purchased an Android 2 and within the first month the damned thing broke, It would not alert me for incoming calls. I kept missing phone calls because it made no noise. I went to the Verizon store, they could not do anything and so they ordered a new phone for me. The problem is the new phone is not a new phone. It is a reconditioned phone that has been repaired. I paid for a new phone and instead I have someones broken phone that has been repaired.

If I wanted second-hand I would have bought second-hand. So, on that basis alone, why would I read, absorb and give credit to people who appear as if theyre 13 years old, angry, and typing blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs? Wow just no. Android is a very large dose of trash, however yes I agree whole-heartedly with the author. What a mess.

They should ship Android phones in a garbage truck so that if you change your mind on delivery day, they can save time and money and just drop them off at the local landfill, where they belong! What money? You wont catch me trying to find androids anywhere. Because your too ignorant to learn how to use the technology, you expect developers like me to do everything, instead of you learning Jack shit. If you dont want an iphone, use a windowsphone.

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Never an android device. If my Windows Phone wouldnt be broken, I would still use it. Managed to save it, good luck finding it now, android has no useful file manager to speak of. Want to create a directory, android says no, on your sd-card, arbitrarily no. Want to attach a photo to your email? I just finished Googleing how to find a saved pic and saved video. Im pissed because our Windows phones were super user friendly just lacking on apps. I didnt want to be cornered into ITunes with Apple but got screwed anyway with being cornered into Google music crap.

Stupid shit. Youtube video link. Guess I dont need to even acknowledge the existence of paying google or crapple any money for things that are readily available for free. Waiting forever for iOS to copy the better Android features has me using both. I no long expect Apple to catch up. Good try. Just because i have a wheel on my car does not mean the guy who sold it to me invented it android is shit. Uh, go to the Apple support website and tell me iPhones just work. Plenty of people complaining there. Why the hell do ppl like iphones.

Since steve jobs death all they know is to make the screen bigger with useless features such as 3d touch. Same interface forever. Android is a user-friendly, customizable software. If apple gave their os open source even the phone manufacturers would change it by adding their own ui. But, rhe only prob in android is the malware in play store. Google ahould do something about that.

Apple iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 - Battery life and Conclusion - PhoneArena

But still.. What is your hourly rate for stand up gigs? We need to hire you, your comedy fits our line up. Contact me in writing. Hate it in the start, and again, in my new Xperia I hate him as well Why. Because of stupid stock apps. Man will be thinking they would improve their stock dialers, or message apps , which is annoyingly simple, and limited I just hate to get andoid, because I must download 3 part aps, to get my phone usable. Its unforgiven in Further more, third part aps like dialers, not support in their menus, whats up, or viber to send message.

If your system suck, then is simply irrelevant to do so, but if your phone doing his job perfectly, just dont touch it. You must ensure also the system itself would not update itself automatically, and you must turn off every thing in the phone with update letters. To make this more uncomfortable to do, Google put the Apps update settings right into the internet account base, and you must loged in, go to google play, and there youll find the option, to not update any aps.

How convinient. There is no way you can do it in your device, in your settings. I mean it literatuly sucks, and there is no way Google make it inpurpose. They know for reall good why theyre doing it. I bought my Xperia in aftermarket, and got it wit lolipop update, but I must go back with rooting and else to the custom kit kat rom to save my battery.

Many third aps are updating so fast, and if you have not the copy of one which is worked with your device, screw you. There is no way to find any outdated app, to make your device better. You just must go to Google Play and you must open gmail account, which is also crap and there you have just one app, obviously last one, fresh updated, different maybe, or if it got popular over time, even locked, and not free anymore. Nokia symbian was far better in last edition then this is now. And we all know Nokia had to put their symbian to the graveyard.

It might be android future too. Dont blame Android because you cant remove stock apps, thats the easiest thing to possibly do, why blame Android because you dont know how? Go buy a big rock and another rock to bang on the original rock. Im sure you would be able to figure out how to use the features of that. Leave the techno stuff to those who take the time to learn. The bloatware that this guy complains about is not part of Android. My iPhone was blacklisted from Tmobile and I was not able to use it.

I thought that I should give up but after researching on Google, I decided to take a chance from DoctorUnlock. And I wasn't disappointed, my iPhone is now working perfectly! George Mehany. My iPhone is now unlocked and working fine! Thanks DoctorUnlock team Kevin Harker.

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