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Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. I have to admit that this book spent a lot of time on my bookshelf before I actually picked it up to read it but it was worth the wait, definitely. It was the first book I had read written by Josephine Cox and I was instantly sucked into the story of a woman who got stuck in a situation she should not have been and spent most of her life in hiding from the truth Although it took me a little while to get into the story, it was worth it.

View all 4 comments. Sep 03, Mary Cushnie-Mansour rated it liked it. Songbird, by Josephine Cox, a writer from the U. When things fall apart, Maddy finds herself on the run But, evil has a way of finding Maddy, no matter where she goes, and this plummets her into the shadowy world of depression and becoming a recluse. Is there a happy ending for Maddy Songbird is a comfortable read, and you will not be disappointed. Jun 13, Nicolene Smith rated it really liked it. My first Josephine Cox novel and not what I expected. I thought: another story about a woman being abused who just allows it. And how I was proven wrong!

The characters was penned down brilliantly - even the villian - you really hate them. A very well written book with unexpected twists which is truly believable. Mar 25, Leah rated it it was ok Shelves: book-club-books. This was a book-club book and being completely honest, I would not have finished it. I know this is fiction but there was so much about this book that didn't ring true. The beginning draws you in immediately and i thought, this is going to be a great read, but then it just fizzled out, became unrealistic and quite boring.

This book actually split our group down the middle, love it or not, I didn't enjoy it. Oct 13, DenXXX rated it liked it. Thought I had read all the Josephine Cox books but somehow missed this one. Another good read all about a young singer who gets mixed up with the wrong man and as he is sent down, he vows to find her. Thus she has to go on the run and leave behind everything she knows Jan 09, Bronwyn Rykiert rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook , friends.

This story was a bit disappointing.


Maddie absolutely frustrated me especially at the end regarding her boy. After her year of isolation I think the good ending happened too fast and did not seem very real. Sep 10, Lorraine rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book, it had a good storyline. Feb 22, Suzie rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I found myself getting immersed in the characters.

I love it when an author, already really knows the characters well. Sadness upon sadness. This is the third of Josephine Cox's novels also: Lovers and Liars and Born Bad that I have listened to in abridged audiobook format, and the third one that I have given just three stars to. I find them rather depressing and the target is always a woman who is being treated badly by a man.

I wasn't taken with the narrator either, Carol Bond's voice felt patronising and enhanced how cheesy I was finding the story. Maddy Delaney is the Songbird of the title. She sings in a Lo Sadness upon sadness. She sings in a London nightclub run by the sleazy crook, Steve Drayton.

She has fallen for him in a big way, but it seems he is just using her until he's ready to move on to his next victim. Things go seriously wrong and she ends up on the run. There were some lovely people who help her along the way, but she never settles long and the past has a way of catching up with her. This is a sad story with sadness piling upon sadness, even the ending was only partly satisfying. I always wonder what I have missed when I listen to abridged audiobooks, were the best bits missing?

I'm aware that Josephine Cox is a popular author, so this is only my own opinion of the book, but I think I will pass my JC books on and make space in my bookshelves for other authors. The book was a light read overall. The plot was good enough and I did like the characters overall. I would rate it a 3.

I must admit it was similar to Martina Cole, but with a happy ending. I started listening to it on audio and then finished reading it. It was a very quick read. It was a bit predictable but stil enjoyable.

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Maddie is a night club singer, who is going out with the owner of the club, but it all changes when she tells him she is pregnant, there is a shoot out at the club and she is forced to go into hiding. May 18, Salome Ndoro rated it liked it. Though the story was a bit far fetched I still enjoyed the book. Josephine Cox is a talented writer and an easy read. I was a bit upset that Maddy didn't take back her son in the end, it made her character a bit too good to be true after all that she'd been through.

The danger and life threatening events in the book did not feel quite so real, I wasn't particularly on edge but I would still recommend this book to anyone who likes a good love story and a light read. Apr 04, Kate rated it it was ok. I have to admit I was upset with this novel.

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Josephine Cox used to be my fav. Jan 08, Roxie Gallinger rated it it was amazing. Yah another good read by Josephine about a woman who afraid of putting everyone she knows in danger because of the threat on her life by her ex Aug 16, Helen Heaton rated it it was ok. I have read a lot of Josephine Cox books over many year and I was disappointed by this one. I didn't sympathise with the main character like I should and instead wanted the book to end sooner than it did.

The end was predictable That all said I would still try another of cox's books but if you want to read something of hers for the first time this is not the one to go for!

I absolutely loved this book and managed to read it very quickly. I was sad at the end with the decision made by the main character but understood why she made it. I would have liked to see what would have happened if she made the opposite decision.

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That's not really something that bugs me, but the writing quality did throw me off a little. I do wonder how old the author is. It was almost like "let me tell you my entire sob story in three big paragraphs, then we'll all move on. Boys will get angry for a bit, but then we'll laugh and eat pancakes.

The boys weren't very believable with just how quickly they fell for Melody. Even Tristan, who wants to hate her knows that he feels something deep for her Otherwise, it was too short! Ahhh, I'm dying for more. Need this second book so badly. Probably should've waited for the series to be completed before I started on it I did truly enjoy this story, though. I would consider it one of my more "guilty pleasure" books. View 2 comments. Aug 08, ShadowGirl rated it really liked it. Looking forward to book 2 I thought the story started off slow but the cliffhanger ending makes me wish the next book was already available.

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Unlike other reviewers I see very little similarities between this book and C. Stone's academy series-- yes, there are a few good guys and one troubled girl, but that's where the similarities end, in my opinion. To be honest there are going to be similarities with every book in the same genre so I don't see this as a big deal. The guys are singers and the g Looking forward to book 2 I thought the story started off slow but the cliffhanger ending makes me wish the next book was already available. The guys are singers and the girl has a very different history then the main character in the academy series.

Right now the book feels a little unpolished because of these current errors and sometimes these errors took me out of the story. That being said, I thought the book was pretty well written and each character's POV felt both distinct and relatable. I loved how the author weaved in little details about the boys backstory without bogging the reader down with details all at once.

Overall I look forward to reading the next book in the series-- which is surprising since I normally abhor boy band books though this book is so much more than that -- and can't wait to follow Amato's journey as they become a more polished and profound offer. So what are you waiting for? Click "buy now" already! Jul 15, Rina Smith rated it really liked it. An interesting and entertaining read This one turned out to be so much different than I expected.

Getting a second chance at life is within her grasp, but I will have to wait for the next book to see where it goes. Aug 09, Michelle rated it it was amazing. I loved it! I just wish I knew when the second book was coming out! Apr 09, Siri rated it really liked it. Nov 30, Aliyeh rated it really liked it. Having seen this book on many RH lists I held back because most people were saying that they never thought book two would come out. Seeing that I wouldn't have to wait for long I decided to finally read it.

Melody is homeless and hiding when she literally gets hit by a car and passes out. She is brought back to their hotel where she meets the members of the hot new boy band "Forte". Melody is on the run from years in the foster systems, abuse and an evil aunt and uncle. The plot builds and the boys fight falling for her each in their own way. I'm not sure how I would have survived otherwise. It was an okay plot line.

The characters were okay. This needed some series editing. There were quotation marks when there shouldn't have been and then there were no quotation marks when there needed to be. A few misspelled words. Just need some editing. Heroine wasn't buy able. She suffered abuse at the hands of her uncle and aunt but did not show signs of being abused mentally. After she shares her story with the guys I couldn't help but think magic penis syndrome times five. She connected with It was an okay plot line.

She connected with the guys way to fast for my liking. Other than that, I was on autopilot.

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I am going to read the second book because the ending to this one made me curious. I don't know if I will continue with the series after that. I guess we will see. Dec 26, Jessirie rated it it was amazing Shelves: reverse-harem , group-adventure , amazing-innocent-heroines. What the hell? Damn it! This series has got to be finished one way or another with the way the first book ended and all.

That cliffhanger was really maddening!! Please J. You have got to give us, the readers, closure somehow! Finish the story and write the second and last book if you can't or won't make it a series. View all 3 comments. Feb 21, Pernille rated it really liked it. This book has a huuuuge cliffhanger and no news what so ever about book number 2. With that being Said - I liked it - a bit juvenile, but come on, reverse harem? You just have to love it.

Jul 18, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: owned. It's so immature, cliche and needs to be edited but I can't stop reading it coz I'm a sucker for exaggerated drama. I hate myself. Nov 27, Erin rated it really liked it. Heartbreaking Appropriately named Melody, this poor girl had been through the wringer. Trigger warnings for sexual abuse, specifically underage sexual abuse.

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Scooped up after being tapped by Isaac's car they make sure she's ok. Reluctantly they take her back to where she asks them to and she disappears again. When they spot her running through traffic, bloody and bruised, they sweep her away again. This time they decide not to let her go. More than a charity case, she has become a friend and so Heartbreaking Appropriately named Melody, this poor girl had been through the wringer.

More than a charity case, she has become a friend and someone they worry about. Someone they want to take care of. She has shed too many tears and they promise to show her laughter instead. Of course, her run of bad luck tears its head again. This is a slow burn, friends first romance. You get pov from the guys as well as Melody's. Her life has been a nightmare from the moment her mom and then grandmother died. It is some tough reading, not full details but enough. Enough that I'll be watching happy movies to balance out that background scene.

Mar 13, Tiffany rated it really liked it Shelves: reverse-harem. If you're able to over look the errors the book is actually pretty great. I even teared up a little bit I am quite annoyed that there isn't a third book and going off of the dates for the first and second book I can only assume there never will be or there was one but it wasn't officially published.

That sucks because I wouldn't mind reading more to see what happens, but even though the second book leaves ya dangling off a cliff upside down with no shoes yup the no sho If you're able to over look the errors the book is actually pretty great. That sucks because I wouldn't mind reading more to see what happens, but even though the second book leaves ya dangling off a cliff upside down with no shoes yup the no shoes part is important hmmph it's still worth the read, read straight through the night with out really realizing how late it was.

Dec 03, Camille rated it did not like it Shelves: just-romance , polyamory-and-stuff , no-or-where-books-go-to-die. This story contains: insta-love, zero world-building, rape as nothing more than plot device except there is no plot , grammatical errors and characters with absolutely no personality.

There was also slut-shaming of any girl who wasn't Melody the female main character , there were no secondary characters and the writing inspired no emotions in me besides irritation at the book not being over yet. It ended on a cliffhanger. Jul 11, laura milnes rated it liked it. Not sure I will read the next one however the "plot" just feels a little far fetched. Will keep going as characters are fairly interesting, enough for me to give this series a second chance.

Jan 10, Babsy2. Oh my god - it was just to much!!! Every time you thought now it will get better, now comes the turn and she will get a good live and have some fun something even worse happenend to her. Why is the author doing this to her main character?? It was so heartbreaking :. Dec 12, Sheryl Gosser rated it liked it. Quick read This book reminds me of an old Barbara Cartland romance. Petite innocent girl catch the hearts of four valiant young men. Would really, really benefit from a better job of proof reading.

May 25, Leigh rated it did not like it Shelves: z , reverse-harem , borrow-ku , rh-contemp , dnf-dnfdiaf , dnf-or-not-reading. Did not finish. I wasn't a fan of the writing, the story line felt forced, and I just wasn't interested. May 05, Nekeisha Ryce rated it it was amazing. This was a very captivating story!!!! I loved all the guys and how they were with Melanie!!!! Need book 2 now!!!!! Good read!!!! May 29, Alexandra Woodward rated it it was amazing.

Love some rh. Jan 12, Nikki rated it it was amazing. Love I love the characters and the type of romance that is leading up to in the book and can't wait for more! Rating : 2. A bit too dramatic for my poor heart. Aug 31, Helen Stalgren rated it really liked it. Great story! Great storytelling! Thank goodness book two is done! Feb 06, Tanya rated it it was amazing. I really liked this book.