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I'm heading over to Poppie's with the book. I'll have a sandwich, maybe get the thing finished. The small restaurant is fairly busy. I order a chicken salad sandwich and a diet Coke from my favorite waitress, Sally, and start to read. Larry Gross. Dec 19, 2 PM. When I look up, I see a familiar face sitting at another table, far to my left. She's with someone — with another man. Susan hasn't seen me yet and I wish I could walk out, but I've already ordered my food.

The man she's with has short black hair, is well tanned and he's wearing a light colored suit. He must be the new boyfriend. When Sally brings over my diet Coke, I quietly tell her to make my sandwich to go. She nods her head yes; and when I look over at Susan, she's staring at me. I pretend not to notice. I have my nose in the book and I'm sipping my drink. I feel a touch on my shoulder and, when I look up, it's Susan. Sorry, haven't had time to respond to it. I don't know what to say.

I just stare at her.

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I'll be leaving soon. Last week, Roddy Piper crossed the line that no man has come back from crossing, brother. Piper took things from a business dispute into a personal dispute.

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In perfect coordination with Piper's appearance, Savage challenges Roddy to a match at Starrcade! As soon as the challenge is issued, it seems, Piper hits the ring, swinging a hammer around the outside and eventually off the ropes inside once Savage and Elizabeth flee. The crowd is going crazy as Piper scares off the two and grabs the microphone.

Here the announcers focused more on the implications of Piper accepting Savage's challenge, as well as how The Giant is set to fair against Kevin Nash at Starrcade as well. Heenan sets up Starrcade as the biggest event in wrestling history.

Bischoff proposes that he and Zybyszko each select one man to represent them in the ring at Starrcade. Zybyszko is clearly hesitant and heated, with Dillon trying to hold Larry back from punching Bischoff's face in right then and there. After some discussing privately alongside Dillon and Gene Okerlund badgering them for an answer to the proposal, Zybyszko steps forth to accept Bischoff's proposal! He talks about how all the big nWo names are all booked for matches at Starrcade and there's no way he's going to find anyone who can defeat any on the list of people he can call upon to defend WCW's honor!

Eric seems amused and challenges both men to provide their hand-picked representative next week on Nitro. The latter were clearly still frustrated from the post-match attack Harlem Heat delivered upon them last week, but the match made good showcase of the struggles currently brewing between Jericho and Guerrero.

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It wasn't a night for the babyfaces, however, as Booker T stole the pinfall on Rick Steiner following a Harlem Hangover. Scott clearly isn't happy that Rick took the fall to Booker. Nash and Hall are both mockingly scared of The Little Giant, who gets in the ring, cornering Nash and lifting his hand up slowly just as the real Giant does! Nash looks like he's about to piss his pants as Hall comes up from behind to "distract the Little Giant". The little guy chases Hall around the ring in a comedic fashion.

This leads to the Little Giant surprising Nash by jumping up and grabbing his neck with two hands. Nash flails his arms as The Little Giant can't lift the big man off the ground for a chokeslam! Very entertaining stuff that leads to the actual Giant's appearance Nash picks up the Little Giant and throws him at the real Giant, who catches the Little Giant and throws him back! The two toss the little guy back-and-forth until Nash catches him and The Little Giant pokes Nash in the eye!

This gets a big applause as The Giant steamrolls right into a huge clothesline! After another huge clothesline, Nash is picked up for a momentous chokeslam! Not soon after of course, many New World Order members hit the ring and try attacking The Giant, but he holds them off and stands tall in the end. They both make over-the-top entrances, Bagwell accompanied by Vincent who seems much too into how good Bagwell looks.

Bobby Heenan introduces the three surprise judges for tonight: three lucky and beautiful women from tonight's crowd! The lights dim and the showdown is ready to start as two spotlights shine down onto the ring. Bagwell is first, walking into the spotlight, showing off his physique much to the discern of the fans. The two continue to out-do one another other leading to an altercation under the lights.

The two are separated by WCW officials, much prepared for this situation occuring, before they spit a few words at each other. Buff Bagwell won't let Luger get away with fooling the fans that easily, and he challenges Luger to an arm wrestling match next week! Luger accepts and walks out the winner in this one. Piper is still in a manic-state, clinching his Scottish hammer, holding it forward towards the camera at every point he makes.

Apparently, the first man to bleed via the hammer in a Scottish hammer match is the loser, and Piper promises to bust Savage open. Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves our Starrcade gimmick match! Guerrero challenges Jericho to a match next week on Nitro, with his Cruiserweight title on the line, and Jericho accepts although both came off a little awkward.

Saturn hits the ring first but is followed by the fan favorite Diamond Dallas Page. The solid in-ring chemistry spoke volumes early-on, but the match was cut shorter than most would have liked once Curt Hennig and Chris Benoit both got involved. This didn't kill the crowd's heat, however, as they lit up over DDP fighting off Hennig and Benoit taking care of the Flock.

The production team really highlighted Benoit's defense against the Flock, sending them running away from a maniacal Benoit tossing chairs around in his defense. He emerges from the shadows and immediately explains why he has remained silent for so long. He comes the New World Order to a cancer infesting World Championship Wrestling, and that now he has allowed it to grow too strong. After watching in silence for so many days and months, he is now prepared to bring WCW back into the fight and deliver a devastating blow to the organization that has destroyed the very company built on the back of his shoulders.

And while his victory over Hogan at Starrcade may not completely destroy the nWo, it's the first step on a long road towards the extermination of the nWo Boy he came off good here. Either way, Piper hits the ring like a wild animal, putting doubt into the nWo's number advantage early on. This doesn't last long enough for Piper to score a pinfall, however, as Savage eventually gets himself involved in the match.

He hits the ring with a chair after a referee bump with plans to lay out Piper, but instead accidentally connects with Nash!

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This sends the big man to the ground while Piper catches Savage off-guard, pushing him towards the corner for an old-school mud-stomping. This sends Savage out of the scene and gives Piper the opportunity to finish up on Nash. He grabs for the chair and stands tall over Nash while the referee gets back to consciousness.

The image he awakens to is a bloodied Nash laying in the ring next to Piper with a bloodied chair He immediately calls for the bell and disqualifies Piper much to the crowd's displeasure! Infuriated, Piper proceeds to destroy anything and everything around him, sending the New World Order and WCW officials fleeing from his path of destruction. His words have been said, and now his actions must come through in two weeks as Starrcade ! This has been a pretty nice read so far, keep up the good work.

Personally, I don't think I'd have had Sting speak yet. But the rating for it had to have been through the roof, so it's not a bad call. Originally Posted by Beejus. Piper cuts a promo in the ring, alongside his Scottish Hammer, about his upcoming match against Randy Savage. This of course, brings out the Macho Man alongside Elizabeth.

Neither men seem intimidated by one another, and come nose to nose before Elizabeth tries to get in between to break things up. This sends the crowd in an uproar as Savage stops in his tracks. Piper uses this argument to his advantage and scoots around Savage to wail him in the stomach with his hammer! Savage hits the deck as Piper lays a beatdown before running into the crowd after New World Order members hit the ring.

Piper played the crowd like a puppeteer in this segment, really nice to see him hitting a stride. Dragon took the pin on Wright. Nice match to start the show off with. The two push each other at ringside before arguing their way up the ramp. Bobby Heenan is standing in as referee and judge of the competition. They set up the arm wrestling match and the two go at it until Luger dominates Bagwell. Immediately Buff flips the table and the two fight before being separated by WCW staff and officials.

Bagwell tells Luger he will have his number tonight!

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Goldberg stands tall, however, as Mongo ends up retreating. Piper is disgusted by what the New World Order represents. Corruption, power, greed, more than one member to personify all of the seven deadly sins. But retribution is near for one man: Randy Savage. The match itself was great, starting very fast before the two were drained a few minutes before the bell. The fans never really took to the match as they possibly could have, and were themselves drained from the long bout. As both men get to their feet Chavo tries to lunge at Jericho but Eddie holds him back and forces him to walk back up the ramp with him while giving Jericho a smirk of respect.

Since Day One, Sting was a goner. My demons found me Its so much hiding you can do before they get u so much running you can do before you get tired so much crying before u have no more tears left so much pain u can. My beloved I always remember Once my soul Had taken a ride On a marital-bliss river Jubilant nothing or no one Could put us asunder. But after I learnt You have sown mistrust On the fertile ground Of my heart.

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