Manual 2060: The Peacekeeper (A Dystopian Thriller)

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    Things of the Aimless Wanderer. Rwanda United Kingdom. Kinyarwanda English. Letters to Max. English Russian Abkhaz. Sam Klemke's Time Machine. Matthew Bate. Anne Charlotte Robertson. Isabelle Tollenaere. Netherlands Belgium. God Loves the Fighter. Damian Marcano. Flowers of Taipei - Taiwan New Cinema. Chinlin Hsieh. Western Arabs. Omar Shargawi. Denmark Netherlands. Danish English Arabic. Near and Elsewhere. Sue-Alice Okukubo Eduard Zorzenoni. Germany Austria Denmark Italy Sweden. German English Italian Danish Belarusian. The Eyes of Dr. Yves Montmayeur. Rebel Citizen. Haskell Wexler Pamela Yates.

    Beyond Sleep. Boudewijn Koole. English Dutch Norwegian. General Report II. The New Abduction of Europe. Spanish Italian English Catalan. Daniel Raim. The Dying of the Light. Even crime is nearly non-existent due to the SID chip implanted in every citizen at birth. Banking and shopping are now controlled through the simple swipe of a hand, and the world s citizens are pacified in a haze of security and consumerism. But when the man overseeing the launch of the SID upgrade discovers a fatal design flaw, the government quickly silences him.

    His children, eighteen-year-old Danica Seton and her thirteen-year-old brother Marcus, are forced to run as agents of the Global Alliance hunt them. Their frantic flight will lead them into the company of a pale-skinned man with a dark history. Sonje Nysgaard, a colleague of the children s father and likewise aware of the flaw, narrowly escapes the attempt on her life. Hiding from Alliance soldiers, she finds herself under the protection of a terrorist organization dedicated to the overthrow of the Alliance and the Families. These distractions are ill timed for Kerwen Garrott, the head, or Caput, of his Family.

    With the unveiling of the Peacekeeper drones, the world s first fully automated soldier, the Garrott name has risen high thus attracting the distrust and contempt of the other Families. And as Caput Garrott struggles to navigate the treacherous politics of the Alliance, the terrorists have marked him as their next target. The first threads tugged are small, but possess the potential to unravel the whole tapestry a tapestry carefully woven two millennia ago in deep shadow and bloody conspiracy.

    Few remember its origin, and none can predict the role one man will play in what is to come. A man who would become both savior and enslaver. A man from the woods. A man named Torrance. So begins the story of the Scars of Tomorrow. ISBN: NY Times Bestselling Author. Reading pessimistic books about my possible future seemed natural. The title sequence fades in and out of close up shots of the girl, Jade, on the floor tied up in a dirty empty barn. The girl is lying on the floor with a battered phone close to her face. The scene then cuts to a shot of the girls mother in a clean colorful kitchen, washing the dishes with her back to the camera.

    It cuts back to the girl in the barn, who is trying to call her mother and is whispering to herself 'pick up, pick up, pick up' and a close up of her fingers crossed ref. Free For Kindle Unlimited. His plan was always to switch the Scooby Dee's and the fake Scooby Dee would pose as real Scooby Dee and the supposedly frightened Scooby Dee would stop obeying everyone but Jim Moss download. Genre: Christian Fiction, Inspirational, Religious ref. Submission guidelines: Accepts email submissions or submissions via their online form only.

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