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Yes, God will forgive you if you repent. Not many others will. And you will have one heck of a time trying to forgive yourself. You will feel sick and ashamed all the time. You will cry many bitter tears. You will not be able to look at your spouse and feel the same way you once did. All of your memories of when you first met, your first kiss, the early days of your relationship will be tainted. All of those memories that are supposed to be sweet will be sour. You will not be able to enjoy them because you know that whole time it was wrong, wrong, wrong!

What are you left with? Not much. You are going to try to offer apologies, you are going to try to figure out what you can possibly do to make amends and there are going to be no easy answers. You will be told by just as many that if God has forgiven you that another divorce would be just another sin.

You will make yourself crazy over this because you want to do the right thing for once in your life and you have put yourself in a situation where it is impossible to know what that is. Too bad no one will think you are sincere or trust your words. Why should they, remember what you did?? Of course you do, now go cry some more as if it will help.

There are no time machines people!! You are making a mess bigger than you can ever clean up!! Choosing to be a secret third party simply shows a complete lack of self-esteem something that took me a long time to realise. The husband I had left me just like he did the first after 25 years for someone else.

You reap what you sow. Only the first wife felt sorry for me. I am a very forgiving compassionate Women. I have been through extensive therapy for a couple years. My now 17 year old Son is barely beginning to feel safe enough to speak with me again. The Affair Partner and my Ex husband lied to him so much he went a lota crazy for a few years. Trying to get revenge on his Dad and step mother bitch who wrecked a happy home. No not perfect but damed near! But the demon bitch thought she was better than me. He is unhappily married to his affair partner Very insecure and she too.

He even calls her a bitch in front of our two children. They both deserve the bitter miserableness but I only feel sorry for our kids and the step kids… The Affair Partners Own Sons call her a whore! They hate their step Daddy! My ex it was a very bad decision and neither retarded idiot stopped to think how this would affect or effect the kids involved! And failed to tell them he had an affair on his brand new wife with me.

Not because I have low self esteem. Nope she needed to go through what she put me through. Mr Lopez is a cheater and will never stop…LoL I was hitting what already was mine… She is in a fake marriage to my husband he still wants and loves me. I was badly wounded-5 years and still healing. Serendipity, the ex-wife and I found each other and lo and behold-this man was a many, many times serial cheater. Imagine that. He is with the AP and cheats on her-with me.

There is no getting away from it-once a cheater, always one, till green peas are dripping down his chin while being spoon fed in his wheelchair. Or, maybe not, cuz if he still has his mental faculties, he could cheat in an emotional affair if not physically. These are people who have true diagnosable character disorders. But, they fool normal people, because trusting someone is normal, until you reason to distrust the individual.

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So, I was hurt, but I am still blessed because G-D made me normal. In this case-karma for them both. And the reason I sent the letter is because he would not leave me alone. I told him, do not call, email, do nothing. I blocked him on everything. My phone shows incoming blocked numbers. He then left a four page letter in my mailbox. I sent her 10 pages, including that letter he left in my mailbox and others he had written to me.

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I can always say, I told the truth-did what I said I was going to do. He- the cheater, goes without saying, is a liar. One cannot be a cheater and not be a liar. You mentioned the word karma. We are filing for divorce. I hope that she feels every single word in this article. Hope my husband feels it too.

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Turn the page and move on if you dont want your ex husband anymore. This time be a woman of prayers. Pray psamls with a clean n forgiving heart yet hurt and the lady will never stay in nor replace you. I pray to God to give you wisdom and peace. This may be just a lesson God teaching your husband,preparing him to be better for you again and your children…. I did the same thing. My exhusband had an affair with a woman that lasted for years. When I found out about her I made him confront her in my presence and tell her to her face that we were very much married and together.

Needless to say, this meant nothing to her. She continued sleeping with him and had a baby. We separated. Then got back together. I found out she was pregnant again from him 3 years later. We separated again but still sleeping together. We ended up getting divorced. Still sleeping together. He marries the woman but he is still sleeping with me.

New wife finds out and calls me angry that I am sleeping with her husband. And yes it was completely for spite because she knew the whole time what she was doing and I have zero remorse. What a load of drama. Im sorry you were cheated on but you could have used this time of being divorced to heal yourself and find a better partner and life than poisoning yourself sleeping with your ex cause you want revenge, Hope with all my heart that you move on and find something better for yourself.

And keep it up. Destroy her marriage and her two little kiddie family-people who chastise you fail to recognize the possibility, that you are the instrument that G-D sent. Since the cheater guy played right into the path I molded, it had to be some greater power behind me. It wen t just too pat as I was reeling him in for the great fall and the reveal to his current paramour. Bravo Diamond Lopez. You are a women after my own heart.

You sweet, bad lady, you. May you have a wonderful future that is bright with the shinning light. Take good of yourself, my friend. I hope you have come to your senses now and have stopped letting him in. You deserve way better. I hear the hurt and anger in your words and as a woman who is dealing with an ex who cheated and is now married to his mistress, I totally understand.

I would like to suggest therapy. Children are involved and should be innocent of the choices their parents make. You are unable to see how toxic it is that they speak of their parents as bitches and whores, and instead seem to get some type of sick satisfaction from their behavior. None of this is okay, and sooner rather than later someone needs to understand the long tern trauma this is having on everyone, and seek help. I cheated on my husband and got caught. Both my AP and I are public figures and are highly visible in our small community.

We worked together and made the very difficult decision to return to our spouses who surprisingly, were willing to take us back. My AP got a new job in another city and moved away with his family. I have read, and reread the wise words and I believe them.

Even in the affair fog, I am certain that this would be my fate—there is nothing between affair partners that is strong enough to compensate for the realities described by this insightful woman. This article has had a powerful impact on my decision to work it out with my husband.

The logic is irrefutable. Always remember why you married your husband in the first place — it was a strong bond between you both and all the love you never knew you had inside of you. Look deep in his eyes and let it take you back to that wonderful day. The affair was excitement and the thrill of doing something without getting caught. Its short-lived. You end up falling into a routine as does every relationship. No one will ever match that love. Dig deep for it and bring it back. Its the same one he always had for you to be able to forgive you.

Good for you. You are doing as God wants. Luke God bless you and your marriage. My wife says she tried to envision a life with him, and did for a while, but the idea of our son going through a messy divorce and life with a step-day is one of the things that brought her back to reality — a little. She denied she was having an affair, which was a huge lie. The trauma was devastating for all of us, but probably most for our son because he was the least able to deal with it.

That is when he pulled away from her. Nevertheless, her selfish and destructive behavior has affected our entire family and both of our sons are soon to go into therapy. When I contacted him to confront him, I shared the fact of what their actions have done to me and my children.

He claims he threw up. People when you decide whether or not to comment, please remember to brace yourself for negative responses. Compassion is needed. Sometimes people may actually be searching for sound advice to move forward. Name calling is not necessary. I understand that we can be bitter. Move on! God is the judge and trust me everyone will be judged. Whose to say anyone has the right to judge? People when I read these replies my question is do you ladies understand how funny men look at you when you bicker with one another over them. Trust me after years of observation this is the break down: The majority of men laugh at their own behavior..

The next group move on to the next conquest. Some want confusion and chaos. My suggestion is the best medicine is to take revenge by living life and being happy. Trust God will see you through. And also because trust me the average donkey is still kicking up his leg and showing their rear to the next. Men hardly ever break friendship over women. I wonder if you were not involved in destroying a family yourself… Let those who betray be called by their name, so that the curious readers can fully understand the consequences of such behavior, and do all they can not to fall into such category of dumb and destructive people.

Are you two still married? People are all too human and make mistakes. I feel the 21 year old should have come to terms with this long ago. Hope you guys can work this out, you deserve to be happy. Ariella, I agree with you about the kids involvement. Especially the 11 year old. No one was silent about why the team was breaking up and my 11 year old wanted the truth. I did not lie to my child. What would you like for us to do?

We dealt with what happened to our family with honesty and therapy. Good response. For those who have been shredded by this behavior, we know how deeply children of any age are affected, even way before all the activity is exposed!! The lying causes further confusion and hopelessness!!! Honesty, folks… cloaked in age appropriateness and common sense, is by far the best policy!! Arielle, my father had an affair when I was The affair changed the trajectory and direction of my entire life.

I am fortunate not be a victim of drugs or suicide. I am 37 now. I only forgave the affair woman 22 months ago. My father has still not forgiven himself. My parents are still married. My siblings were 2 and 4. Affairs have rippling impacts that extend well beyond the family unit. Shannon, my daughter is 13 and has known for the last 3 years that my husband has been having an affair with a married woman who has two children of her own. I am worried about the impact this has on my daughter. When the affair started, she was I am looking for a therapist for her.

The affair is still going on — he is with her as I type this. This is his mantra and his shield. I have proof. Please seek counseling for yourself. Your daughter is learning how women should be treated in a marriage by you. You are showing her that it is acceptable to have a partner who distespects you, your health, your marriage and your family. I say this as someone who was cheated on by my husband.

Please take responsibility for how you are affecting your daughter as well. You need to ask him to move out. You are enabling the affair by being okay with it. Letting him eat his cake too. Trust me. When you ask him to move out, he will blame the AP for his loss, and it will hurt their relationship. Her claws will then come out, she will become more needy and clingy, and their relationship will fall apart. Ask him to move out with dignity, and no arguing. Tell him that he is selfishly hurting your family and you want him gone. Ask him to start packing. Have relative come over and help him move.

Tell the children that you are working things out but need to be separate. Let him WIN you back. Even if he does choose the other women, he will resent her for making him lose you. And he most likely will come back to you. If you will take him back. I would. Because you just made a stand, he now knows it is not acceptable, and that will keep this from happening again.

Dear Vanesa, is like you are talking about my situation. My husband is having an affair with another woman that i considerated friend. My 11 years daughter knows. She was friend of the OP children. I tried to explain to her that what her father does is not right and I also don t sleep in the same room with him anymore. I would leave but I can t afford it yet. I know my daughter suffer a lot but at least she express it.

But living in the same house with the man that broke my heart is incredible painfull. I am an elementary teacher and my work with the children gives me so much strenght. Hope you all will get over the pain and be well! Greatings from Europe. Thank you for sharing my son was 2 when my ex husband of 17 yrs left us for OW who got pregnant and married her. This is devastating and heart breaking how the children are forever impacted. My dad also cheated on my mom. David I wish I could see you face to face. My former wife cheated on me too! You expressed yourself in a way that I understand exactly how you feel.

And really, there are no words to really express exactly how you feel. I pray for justice. God how I pray for justice. There is no dout in my mind after three years she got caught she has some kind of remorse. We were together 20 years. Big Italian wedding, Big family traditions She and her adaulter are hated not only by all sides of the familes and friends but also in our community.

They no longer hangout together without getting a look that could kill according to the Italian community, churches, nabourhoods, families, nabours, friends even our three children. They thought they were smart, cleaver and they could out smart first me then their families and friends. It was humiliating for them. Shame shame shame. They blame me for all there troubles. God bless them. They need it. Wow, just wow. There was nothing she could do to ever make me soften towards her. I absolutely hated her deep down.

And she and my father fought endlessly over us, his biological children. I saw first-hand what a marriage built on cheating looks like, and from my perspective as a kid watching it from the inside, I can say this author is spot-on. And she too was broken at the end.

My mother, meanwhile, went on to remarry a good guy with whom she just celebrated 30 years of wedlock. My father left for the other woman as well, and I can not begin to describe the emotional roller coaster I was thrown into. With that being said, most of the mistresses in these cases do not give a rats ass about the kids.

She forbid my father to see us, or even have pictures of us for that matter. He ditched us. They had the son he always wanted, and we went ten years without speaking. My father became ill, and had his leg amputated. Ofcourse this was more than she could handle, and she took his money and left him and my brother for some guy. I really felt for my little brother and reconnected with my father, mainly to get to know my little bro. My stepmother came back after the guy she left with went back to his wife and left her high and dry.

We live in the same neighborhood and my brother comes over from time to time. You are responsible for their well being. You are their parent, not the person you are cheating with. At least in my case, and many others. I shutter to think. I am a good woman and I met a guy some years ago, he was apparently trapped in a horrible marriage and had a daughter, I got to know her and I adored her.

The wife, as a matter of fact was a horrible person, not because I thought so, nobody liked her in her circles. We got to marry and she spoke the worst things about me to the girl, while I tried to get to know her better. We had a little boy and I always encouraged Nina the daughter to come and see us. The ex wife never really wanted to, but in the end, she realized Nina I was a good person and that somehow I just saved her father from a failed marriage.

Bottom line is not everybody is as the description. Not all of us are looking to destroy anyone. Some of them, even ex-es and children have managed to get along very well. Kids can also tell at least smart ones when this happens. Life is not perfect and each story is different from each other. I hate to read this kind of stuff, showing so much bitter, anger and hate. Grow up people, no one owns no one, when someone was made for each other, life is wise and no matter what you say, it makes them both meet. People deserve to be happy.

Said like a true homewrecking whore. So kind of you. Of course the wife was a horrible person. What else would you two tell yourselves so that you can reason with what you did. One day you will pay for it. It never lasts you know. Not when you meet that way. Wow you are a horrible person for wishing death on someone else.

Looks like you are still hanging on waiting for him to come back. Keep hanging on…. It is the same self-congratulatory message both of my OW step-mothers parroted until my father did the same thing to them…. Agree with colors. Walk a mile in the kids shoes.. The truth sets us free. Her answer was harsh, but on point. The AP completely devastates the BS. Especially when kids are involved. He moved 90 miles away to be with her and complains he has no time for his kids.

My kids seem fine enough. It all depends on his schedule. There were things that could have been improved in our marriage, but it seemed solid. We probably would not have got divorced. Donno if unsolved issues would have been fixed or not, but the kids had their dad. I am extremely resentful. He is with her kids more than ours and it breaks my heart that a woman can come between a man and his children. You are a bitter and spiteful, evil person. I lack neither insight nor intelligence. Infidelity is often a symptom of a broken marriage. Both spouses are responsible for those problems.

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It takes two to work and two to fail. When will you stop blaming and take a little responsibility? That may be true, but that is something the TWO of them have to work out. A third person added to the mix is an interfering person. How is third person helping with working out the marriage? Leave them alone to work it out. Cheaters by definition are selfish because they put themselves first. Cheaters are cowards. Kudos to you sammy. You are spot on. A cheating spouse is ultimately the most responsible for the affair but what about the affair partner?????

When you know that someone is Married and you willingly step into the affair what does that make you. Responsible as well and just as guilty. Like I said in my earlier post you can justify anything. There were times when I got the text message that the AP was sending my husband and I tried to appeal to her as a decent human being and I Asked her how would you like this being done to you?? And he was too emotionally selfish and needy to stop and instead blamed me for what were very fixable problems. Just mind games and lies Cheaters tell themselves. I was cheated on and have a teenage daughter who is soon to have OW as stepmom.

You have no idea the hell we have been through. Cheating is never the answer. If the marriage is bad, the spouse should leave before having affair. I worked full time, went to grad school, did the vast majority of the housework. While my cheating spouse worked part time and had an affair. I was doing laundry while he was havin sex with the OW.

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I was working while he and the other woman were watching a movie together. I was payin bills while he and the other woman were on a trip together. Are you starting to get the picture of how unfair cheating is? My daughter has been through hell. My ex only wanted one child, so we had one child. I wanted another child and my daughter wanted a sibling. The woman he had the affair with has two children. How do you think this fact made my daughter and me feel? It is HIM who was in the marriage and chose to step out. If you want to blame anyone, blame him. Get over yourselves.

You all sound so bitter. If you nurtured your marriages none of this would have happened. Take some responsibility. Look into yourself and the truth of what you might see will set you free. Let your ex and his new partner move on. You are the one who is not welcome in the picture anymore. Why are you here, You Poor Victims? You sound like the ignorant, immature home wrecker that my husband is now with. Please go somewhere, and take your ignorance with you. Do us another favor as well. I could be having a great day but as soon as his presence is there I turn into this internalized person with no desire to show affection or really care about making that connection anymore.

This being said, u can only imagine how our sex life has been This leads me into the topic of "the worst thing you can do is pretend to be interested in working things out" I don't want to pretend anymore!

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But i also don't want to regret my decision, whether it's a full separation me moving out or all together divorce. I'm at a state of limbo.. I know exactly how you feel. It is the mother instinct in us. I have three awesome children and a good husband but I have no energy for him either to the point that now he is moving out on me. I feel I have done my best except in one area SEX. So I have decided to have an affair with my husband. I am going to show him the person in me that i don't even know exists. He is going to get nude pictures sent to his phone at work.

I am going to work hard at this and hopefully we can laugh at my behavior some day and be happily married for years to come. I wrote my book for people in exactly your situation. If you haven't read it yet, I'd highly recommend it. I think it will help you make your mind up. Husband is from another country and was previously married with one child. He's now in this marriage and treating it like a game. We have married for 4 years. We have had problems for 4 years. We now have a 1 year old daughter. She is precious and beautiful. I want the best for her but the marriage is a HUGE stress.

I have aged so much in 4 years and I'm only He is from a poor, Central American family- grew up working in factories, didn't finish school. This is my first marriage, first childneedless to say I am disappointed and feel like I married Mr. I am from a Christian home, finished my BA, and am generally mature in relationships honestly.

I have been told that I have wisdom- that that is one of my gifts. But I haven't been able to wisely navigate this marriage and I'm exhausted. On top of it all, we are struggling financially. I am staying at home, working part time. He works full time in a low-paying construction job For the days before marriage That's how I feel right now.

The first 19 or 20 were fabulous. Never a day did I ever regret or think twice about my choice or decision of my husband. As far as I know, he felt that same way about me. We had a lot of love, physical, emotional, spiritual and truly enjoyed being with each other. We had occasional "ugh" moments, but they were short lived, and we tried to learn from them.

We managed our lives of careers, money, in-laws and social stuff well. We were married for 12 yrs. Then along the way to our 23 yr. More suddenly than not, my husband began to "pull-back" from the life we were used to. Suddenly, he "didn't want to do anything", "no, I'm not going to go," "why do we have to have them over? Then 1 day, he said, "You know, I don't really want to do that anymore, so you can stop asking because the answer will be the same.

We have been faithful to each other and I believe that even though we haven't been together in more than 3 yrs, he is still faithful. Nothing about his schedule or choice of friends has changed. I have suggested that perhaps he is angry about something that he won't tell me about and he denies that. He is a great Dad, son-in-law, brother-in-law and in some ways is the same great husband that he has always been.

He occasionally makes comments like, "I don't couneling would do us any good, cause I don't think you are capable of changing. If it is what happens, please help me "shake things up", cause while I don't want to end my marriage, I don't really want to live like this either. I think he isan awesome person that apparently seems to be suffering thru something and won't let me help. Hello "The we're married 23 years"- I read your post with interest. I am in a similar situation; married 23 years, great guy, grown children I did finally get him to admit that his feelings have changed, but he can't pinpoint when or how.

We are going to try a short separation with the intent to re-new our marriage and regain the love we once had. I am hopeful, but understand that it it may not work. I want to know, in the even that it doesn't work, that we tried every thing. I hope you wee able to get counseling, get your Husband to open up to you and begin healing your marriage. Your situation sounds very challenging not because what you are dealing with can't be surmounted but because your husband isn't communicating with you!

Some spouses think their mate should "know them well enough by now Not telling you because you "should" know is a form of emotional abuse. He is choosing to remain a victim rather than create whatever change is needed in the marriage. I highly recommend getting a copy of Contemplating Divorce and asking him if he will read it and do the exercises with you. If he says no then I encourage you to do it on your own. And yes, seek counseling if you need more support. Another suggestion I make to people is Alanon.

It's a great program to learn how to deal with challenges when the only one you have control over is yourself. Well, thanks for the reply. I forgot I even posted that response back in March!!! On April 14th, , I discovered my husband had been having an affair for A WHOLE YEAR right under my nose with a girl that had be-friended me and my daughter too, with the expressed desire to run me out of town and get my daughter 18 to side with my husband and his mistress.

It has been an incredibly painful and disturbing and difficult time. My husband wants to work it all out, and we are trying. We are both in therapy and also in couples counseling. It is an extremely complicated situation, as we are both involved in the same social groups in town.

It was a very public affair. Anyway, thanks for the response. Betrayal and the recovery is very difficult. I hope we can make it, but only time can really tell now. BUT I want to say you are so correct. The emotional abuse of that year took an incredible toll. She is an A, number one sociopath I wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone.

Hi, I too have not been married long, only three years however in the last six months all we have done is fight to the point I told him to just leave and I want a divorce our fights are never anything big. I won't call him as I'm sick of the fighting I can't be bothered fighting back anymore and I always loved a good fight however I did say something about seeing a councillor but saving for a house any paying a councillor he wasn't into that I find we have amazing sex but I never want to cuddle or kiss him anymore just the sex however he is a good man and I did want to spend my life with him and with our kids to be he will be an amazing dad.

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Anyways I've gone on a bit to much and I'm not sure what advice I will get here think I just needed to say something to someone who doesn't know the both of us I'm to stubborn to call him again I don't have the fight in me to asking him to come home however I don't mind asking him what he wants. I too am in the same situation, married for 4 years with a 3 year daughter. Reading through all the comments, it is the unknown of all the paths that our mind comes up with. Right now my wife and I left the house living in our parents places.

I read the article looking for hope in my separation. Wife separated and scared of a divorce. I want to get back together and scared of the separation. My mind is scared of the separation because of the risk of losing her. The article really does not help much, mostly because I should have read it before I reacted. If we all think certain things will change, it would be easy. This comment probably doesn't do much for others however it does for me :D sorry my selfish act.

My husband of 45 years just up and moved out. I have recently found out that he has a 17 year old illigitimate daughter that he has only admitted to in the last year and a half. We dealt with it and life went on, then he came home one day when I wasn't here and moved all of his stuff out. He said that he needed some time to sort things out. I thought that after 45 years that this is something we should handle together. I was devastated but am going on with my life.

Everything that I read in other blogs was to have no contact with him but after 45 years I can't do that. He still comes for breakfast most mornings and sometimes lunch and stops in the evenings sometimes. Don't know what direction to take? Stop making meals for him By all means do not do his laundry or shopping No physical intimacy beyond a hug and maybe a quick kiss. Start courting you again like when you were young. Meet for breakfast and allow him to make arrangements and pay the bill. Have coffee at a quiet coffee shop.

Go to the museum, etc. Ask him to write you letters. Once you turn off the meals and laundry, he may come around on the courting activities. Don't let him move in too early. See if he if open to counseling later in the courtship when he is really wanted to move home. Confused 22 May Hello my story goes like this. My wife left me about 3 months ago. We had been together for about 10 years, about 6 of those married. I have a 5 year old daughter with her and an 11 year old step daughter from her previous marriage she left before meeting me.

She is 38 years old and I am We had some great times and like any marriage difficult times. She was diagnosed in with Bi Polar. Prior and after her diagnosis I observed her in depressive and maniac states where she would go from being irrational and abusive to an apologetic and loving caring wife. She attempted suicide in , and once before I met her. She has been in two mental health facilities, one for an extended stay in a secure unit due to possible self harm issues.

Throughout our relationship she has threatened to leave as she didn't love me anymore and wanted to do it on her own. Then not long after be apologetic stating she didn't mean it and was so glad I was there for her. When she was pregnant with our daughter she threatened to have the child aborted and wanted me to leave, which I did for about 2 weeks. We then got back together and carried on with the relationship and our daugher was born.

I was always there for her supporting her the best I could which included councelling and going with her to her psychiatrist. I have to say I neglected myself with most of the focus being on her. At no time did I contemplate leaving her. Always there for her and our children. I loved her with all my heart. About 14 months prior to her leaving she appeared well and the most stable I have seen her. Could not have asked for a better wife, loving caring and supportive.

Went on a great family boat cruise last year and was in the process of planning another one. She organised a great 50th surprise birthday party this January gone, and we were doing house renovations which she appeared exited about. She would tell me that she loved me and missed me when she went away on work trips for a few days at a time. There appeared nothing wrong and were making plans for the future. On a Monday in February this year she left on a work trip, she was fine telling me she loved me and we spoke several times on the phone that week.

Then on the following Friday when she returned she sprung it on me that she had organised a rental house and was moving out. She was gone the next week. Her reasons were that she didn't love me and probably never had and had gained the courage to leave. She told me I was a good husband and father but could no longer be with me. I first thought was there was someone else but she maintained there wasn't and there was no evidence to suggest otherwise. As mentioned only a few days prior she was telling me she loved me and it appeared to me she was genuine.

Our parents had only just been commenting on how good we appeared to be together and how stable she had been. She maintained it was not. She agreed for me to attend with her at her psychiatrist.

Top 5 Reasons a Partner Leaves (and How to Cope)

He came up with the conclusion that it may not be issues asociated with bipolar, and rather her upbringing where she was brought up in an unstable environment. He stated due to this she has difficulty with commitment and unable to cope being in a stable relationship with a stable partner as he described me as. When she left she reassured me there was no one else and that she was well and was thinking with a clear mind. She just wanted to be on her own and told her mother she just wanted to be single and wasn't meant to be married.

She had no interest in finding someone else for her sake or the childrens. We now share custody equally of our 5 year old daughter and are going through splitting up the finances etc. Any way I now find out she has met another guy about 5 years her younger which she met on facebook about 6 weeks ago. She maintains she was not happy in our relationship. I guess I am confused regarding the circumstances I have described. All indications appear it may be bi polar issues or is it that she has never loved me. Do I pursue her or not. I am devastated and feel cheated. It's like now she is well she no longer needs me.

I still love her and have told her this. I have given her space and the only contact is issues dealing with our child. My brain and everyone else tells me to move on but I still love and care for her and want my family back together, even after what she has put me through. If she was to come back who knows she is likely to do the same thing again.

She is very impulsive and I find it difficult to believe that the relationship with this new guy will last. Can you see why I am confused. This story is so damn familiar to me. Wife of 15 yrs, had a manic episode she was being treated for depression only and kissed a guy. Suicide attempt, mental institution, diagnosed bipolar. Now out and couldn't get over the feeling of that kiss.

She claims it was never planned I believe that. This in my opinion turned into an affair - with verified no physical contact with this other guy, more an affair of the mind. We are separating but have 2 kids, so still living under one roof. We are communicating but I'm going to have to cut this off in order to take care of myself. I can't trust what she is going to do next. She is needing to feel in control of her life - she had basically been dependent on me and in the bed most of the past several years due to depression.

Anyway, she has a date with some 25 yr old this weekend, she's She says she should have never been married and needs to know that she would still choose me. She feels guilty because she has no self worth and has wondered every day when I was going to leave her. I don't think I can take this any further and trying to prepare myself for the letdown that is coming. However, I can't control this, I understand that. I would rather her be in her perceived "happy" land than laying in a depressive hell the rest of her life. I'm just going to have to figure out how to heal myself now.

My husband decided that he wanted time away from myself and out 3 children for a while. He says that the marrage does not feel right and he just needs time away. I tell him that i love him and miss him. I text nice things to him and he ignores me,so i text nasty things to him to get a reaction. We have been together 17 years and i love him so very much all i can think about is him and our life. My wife of 5 years wants a divorce and I can understand why. I was in a bad relationship for 3 years that uknowingly affected me in mentally in a negative way.

I, however, would say things that I knew were hurtful but something in my mind would keep pushing me to say these things to her. I would say she was gaining weight and other stupid things that weren't true. I prayed about it and it finally stopped. I argued with her about a lot of stupid things. The biggest tear in our relationship came when she was pregnant with our son. I kept putting off painting his room or helping get things together for his arrival. We argued during the pregnancy and I don't even remember why. One arguement, over toilet paper of all things, saw my wife get off the couch, walk around the end, and slip on a blanket, falling front down on the ground.

I thought I killed my son over a stupid arguement. Things still aren't done in my home that I need to do. I don't know why I always have the best intentions to do things but don't follow thru. We have been to counseling on and off but she informed me that she doesn't feel anything for me and is leaning heavily on divorce. She said she doesn't feel appreciated or loved by me. I recently caught her in an emotional online affair with someone. When I confronted her, she said she knew it was wrong but he made her feel good. I realized the full spectrum of the damage I caused to her.

She said she doesn't have feelings for me anymore and says that the pregnancy was probably my last chance to prove myself different to her. She told me that you can't just decide to have feelings. We live together and I just think it will be harder to create new feelings. I told her that I want to change but she doesn't think I can and things won't get better.

She has talked seperation and straight out divorce. We have a 6 month old and that is the only reason she says she stays married to me. I want her to grow new feelings for me and, as I come thru as I know I can on the things I say I will do, start to feel love for me again. She talks to people that also feel that there's too much damage. I am lost and don't know what to do.

I feel like I have destroyed what could have been and now she has shut herself off with no repair. I don't want to lose my wife and I definetely don't want this to affect my son. Is it too late? Hi Jason, Sorry to hear about this situation. If you haven't read my book yet, I highly recommend Contemplating Divorce. It contains exercises that I highly recommend you and your wife complete and I believe that will help you both have a bit more clarity on the situation.

I suggest you continue with therapy and I'd also like to put a plug in for Alanon or Codependents Anonymous or any step program as I think the steps can be immensely life-changing. My husband of 45 yrs 3 months ago told me we needed a break and said we should separate. I am 70 yrs old and he turned 76 this past Feb. All U. Likewise, an invalidly contracted out-of-state marriage will not be valid domestically, even if it could have been validly contracted domestically. For example, California allows first cousins to marry but Nevada does not. If two first cousins attempt to marry in Nevada, that marriage will not be valid in either Nevada or California, notwithstanding it could be legally contracted in California.

But if they attempt to marry in California, their attempt will be successful and the marriage will be valid in both California and Nevada, notwithstanding the marriage could not be legally contracted in Nevada. Augustine Spanish Florida , is the first known and recorded Christian marriage anywhere in what is now the continental United States. When the country was founded in the eighteenth century, marriage between whites and non-whites was largely forbidden due to the racist attitudes of the time. In , the California Supreme Court became the first state high court to declare a ban on interracial marriage unconstitutional.

In , the U. Supreme Court struck down remaining interracial marriage laws nationwide, in the case Loving v. Expectations of a marriage partner have changed over time. Second U. President John Adams wrote in his diary that the ideal spouse was willing to "palliate faults and mistakes, to put the best construction upon words and actions, and to forgive injuries. Male students who participated had great difficulty in facing marriage with a girl who had had sexual relations.

In the U. Census Bureau measured the marital status of U. In addition, a large portion of middle-aged Americans are either divorced , legally separated , or informally separated. The four maps on the right shows the pattern of married, widowed, separated, and divorced households in the United States in the year The map on the bottom left shows that the west coast had the highest percentages of households to go through divorce. According to the map bottom right of the census chart the south east coast and New Orleans had the highest percentage of separated houses in the U.

The northeast had the highest percentages of marriages The highest percentages of widowed households was in the Midwest. As of , The separation rate was 1. African Americans have married the least of all of the predominant ethnic groups in the U. This results in a high rate of single mother households among African Americans compared with other ethnic groups White, African American, Native Americans, Asian, Hispanic.

Yet with only one parent furnishing resources, economic stress can result. Hispanics have a In the United States, the two ethnic groups with the highest marriage rates included Asians with Asians have the lowest rate of divorce among the main groups with 1. In , 2,, marriages occurred in the United States.

According to the U. Monogamy is when one person marries one other person and is the most common and accepted form of marriage in the United States. There are several reasons that Americans marry. The desire to have children is one; having a family is a high priority among many Americans. These reasons include social legitimacy, social pressure, the desire for a high social status , economic security, rebellion or revenge, or validation of an unplanned pregnancy.

Marriage laws are established by individual states. Reports published by the General Accounting Office in and identified over such laws. The United States Supreme Court has in at least 15 cases since ruled that marriage is a fundamental right. These cases are: [33] [34]. The age at which a person can marry varies by state. The marriage age is generally 18 years, with the exception of Nebraska 19 and Mississippi In addition, all states, except Delaware, allow minors to marry in certain circumstances, such as parental consent, judicial consent, pregnancy, or a combination of these situations.

Most states allow minors aged 16 and 17 to marry with parental consent alone. In states with no set minimum age, the traditional common law minimum age is 14 for boys and 12 for girls — ages which have been confirmed by case law in some states. Marriage has been restricted over the course of the history of the United States according race, sexual orientation, number of parties entering into the marriage, and familial relationships. Eight states and the District of Columbia recognize common-law marriages.

Once they meet the requirements of the respective state, couples in those recognized common-law marriages are considered legally married for all purposes and in all circumstances. However, absent legal registration or similar notice of the marriage, the parties to a common law marriage or their eventual heirs may have difficulty proving their relationship to be marriage. Some states provide for registration of an informal or common-law marriage based on the declaration of each of the spouses on a state-issued form. Anti-miscegenation laws which prohibited interracial marriage date back to Colonial America.

The earliest were established in Maryland and Virginia in the s. After independence, seven of the original colonies and many new states, particularly those in the West and the South, also implemented anti-miscegenation laws. Despite a number of repeals in the 19th century, in , 30 out of 48 states enforced prohibitions against interracial marriage. A number of these laws were repealed between and In , the California Supreme Court ruled the Californian anti-miscegenation statute unconstitutional in Perez v. Many other states repealed their laws in the following decade, with the exception of states in the South.

Supreme Court declared all anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional in Loving v. As at September 9, , eight states required couples to declare their racial background when applying for a marriage license, without which they cannot marry. As at September 9, , the Virginia law was being challenged in court. For much of the United States's history, marriage was restricted to heterosexual couples.

In , three same-sex couples challenged the legality Hawaii 's statute prohibiting gay marriage in the lawsuit Baehr v. The case brought same-sex marriage to national attention and spurred the creation of the Defense of Marriage Act DOMA in , which denied federal recognition of same-sex marriages and defined marriage to be between one man and one woman. In , Massachusetts became the first state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. In reaction, many states took measures to define marriage as existing between one man and one woman. By , 31 states had amended their constitutions to prevent same-sex marriage, and 6 had legalized it.

Bolstered by the repeal of DOMA, an additional 30 states legalized same-sex marriage between and On June 26, , the U. Supreme Court declared all state bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional in Obergefell v. Polygamy or bigamy is illegal in all 50 states, [29] as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, [45] and Puerto Rico. Many U. Turner v. For example, a person who mistakenly believes that their spouse is dead or that their divorce is final can still be convicted of bigamy if they marry a different person.

Polygamy became a significant social and political issue in the United States in , when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS Church made it known that a form of the practice, called plural marriage , was part of its doctrine. Opposition to the practice by the United States government resulted in an intense legal conflict, and resulted in it being outlawed federally by the Edmunds Act in Some other Americans practice polygamy including some American Muslims. Marriage between first cousins is illegal in most states. However, it is legal in some states, the District of Columbia and some territories.

Census Bureau "Every year over , United States citizens marry foreign-born individuals and petition for them to obtain a permanent residency Green Card in the United States. There are conditional requirements in order to obtain a green card through the marriage process.