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As Moses left, he asked G. I want to hear you. He keeps such good time. That she also knew. Her business, her age, which is 45 — not impossible, but still. Later, I cried. He and G. I congratulated them. She registered his snuggle and returned it with a return-snuggle body spasm without stopping her cooking actions. Again G. She likes the calluses. I turned back to G. She smiled. In front of me, our glasses had been filled again. Her dress remained white.

Mine had clam juice down the front. After dinner, G. I had read that she smokes one cigarette a week. I had brought a pack of cigarettes to test this out. I used to smoke but stopped more than 10 years ago. She had her own pack of Nat Shermans hidden away somewhere and told me that these days it was more like a few times a year. He smiled at her and shook his head. Her feet were bare now, and they had a perfect, substantial arch, just as the Romans intended, engineered to support her statue body. I bet they were a Size 8. People make shoes so that feet like those can wear them.

We blew smoke up the chimney. I drove back to my hotel to find that a family that owned a Mercedes dealership would be hosting an impromptu all-night party around the pool and that I would never get any sleep. I thought of my big, disgusting Size 11 feet, which are wide and flat and have the look of scuba flippers and which designers have shod only begrudgingly. The car salespeople danced below. The quarterly Goop magazine was introduced last fall with a picture of G. At first, it seemed like a perfect fit.

The print product would be a collaboration — Goop content overseen by a Vogue editor. The parting was amicable. I love her. We realized we could just do a better job of it ourselves in-house.

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I think for us it was really like we like to work where we are in an expansive space. They wanted to be able to sell Goop products in addition to other products, just as they do on their site. The company publishes magazines, not catalogs. But why? She wanted the Goop magazine to be a natural extension of the Goop website. She wanted the reader to be able to do things like text a code to purchase a product without even having to leave her inert reading position and wander over to her computer.

A magazine customer is also a regular customer. Goop wanted Goop magazine to be like the Goop website in another way: to allow the Goop family of doctors and healers to go unchallenged in their recommendations via the kinds of Q. Those standards require traditional backup for scientific claims, like double-blind, peer-reviewed studies. What is witchery? Is it claims that have been observed but not the subject of double-blind, peer-reviewed studies?

These questions had been plaguing Goop for a while — not just what is a fact, or how important is a fact, but also what exactly is Goop allowed to be suggesting? In , a division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus began an inquiry into Goop for deceptive marketing claims about the life-optimizing powers of Moon Juice products, which appeared on the Goop site as a key ingredient in a smoothie that G. Goop voluntarily stopped making these claims. And last summer, the watchdog organization TruthInAdvertising. A gynecologist and obstetrician in San Francisco named Jen Gunter, who also writes a column on reproductive health for The Times, has criticized Goop in about 30 blog posts on her website since She was angry about all the bad advice she had seen from Goop in the last few years.

But something strange happened. Each of these pronouncements set off a series of blog posts and articles and tweets that linked directly to the site, driving up traffic. At Harvard, G. Goop had learned to do a special kind of dark art: to corral the vitriol of the internet and the ever-present shall we call it cultural ambivalence about G. As of June, there were 2. The podcast, which is mostly hosted by Loehnen and features interviews with wellness practitioners, receives , to , listens per week. Goop wanted to publish articles about autoimmune diseases and infrared saunas and thyroids, and now it can, on its own terms — sort of.

After a few too many cultural firestorms, and with investors to think about, G. Goop has hired a lawyer to vet all claims on the site. It hired a man with a Ph. And in September, Goop, sigh, is hiring a full-time fact-checker. I once went to an internist twice, complaining of preternatural exhaustion, only to be told that I was depressed and sent home. On the third visit, she begrudgingly took my blood and called me later to even more begrudgingly apologize and tell me I had a surprising case of mononucleosis. In her office, G.

Here she shook her head. This gives me chills. She stood up. Her posture was a marvel. I heard a rumor that she drank a Guinness every day of her pregnancies. I heard a rumor that she was staying with Winona Ryder after her breakup with Brad Pitt and that when Ryder was in the shower G. I heard that she had an affair with Viggo Mortensen while she was with Ben Affleck. I have read more than takedowns of her. She had everything handed to her. But G. She would talk openly about the food habits and exercise obsessions that allowed her to look the way she did. I want to nourish what is real, and I want to do it without wasting time.

We talked about this one morning at a suite at the Carlyle, where she lay across a sofa like a poem. I had taken to, when barefoot, extending the sesamoid part of my foot without pointing my toes, so that my feet looked like Barbie feet, which created an arch where I had none. She said the decision to stop acting and pursue Goop was not difficult, but it had nothing to do with her reputation. It was kind of like a classic abusive relationship. What people heard, she thinks, was that even her divorce was going to be better than theirs. What can she say? How can she really understand who she is in the culture anyway?

All she knows is what she hears, and she once heard that she eats in front of the mirror naked. She remembers the week that Star Magazine called her the most hated celebrity in the world. More than, like, Chris Brown? This canoe was laying on the side of the pond around Fort 8 in Hoboken. A group of fishermen who considers that pond "theirs", were unhappy with the canoe laying in their way, and a bunch of complaints followed, therefore a small note with a phone number on it was added to the piece, so people could ring up if the canoe was in their way.

The people that called the number ended up with the voicemail message you can hear on this record. So, stuff competition in the closet again, this new Orphan Fairytale single is happier than you and me! Rodger Stella, a known downer from the upper shelf of Macronympha, where rusted metals lay next to a box of Methadone and a big jar of green water, where "Dolophine", Rodger's stinky dolphin, is trying hard to find his way out and where i wouldn't have expected an acoustic guitar.

Most recordings on this lp are indeed made with a piece of wood with six strings on it, in more popular cultures known as the acoustic guitar, other parts are created with a leaking short wave radio. It makes for a high, downer blues syndrome, reversed and played back within that second you are stuck in while everyone else stands still. I've met various people on other planets that i could compare to friends closer to home, Bill Nace calls himself a "fat Vaast Colson", Vladimier looks like Phillip Quehenberger, Tarp's Conrad Capistran's laughter sounds simular to W Ravenveers grinning and so on..

It sounds lame, though there is only one Joshua Burkett! There's a rare melancholia to everything J Burkett does, pressed behind a shell of shy music-encyclopedic psychedelia, the only way i like folk s. Paul De Vree was a very active man, a visual artist, a publisher of various books, editor of the international visual poetry revue "de tafelronde", and a intense international communicator with other artists and poets such as Sarenco from Italy, Henri Chopin from France, etc.

The space is mainly used to present books, work, drinks, live shows and performances. This space is Ultra Eczema , and Clean Press 22, all events are hidden behind a comma. UE MSS Meesterd issue 9 December zine "the 9th issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general.

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UE MSS Meesterd issue 7 October zine "the seventh issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general. UE MSS Meesterd issue 6 September zine "the sixth issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general. Every visit to antwerp by the icelandic showmaster Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson in the last few years has been spiced by up and down outbursts of colaborative drawing sessions.

This issue of mss meesterd collects over colab drawings by dennis tyfus and sigtryggur Berg sigmarsson, which were done in 2 days! He was a student of Joseph Beuys and together with Hugo Heyrman, Panamarenko and Wout Vercammen one of the first "Happeners" during the 's in Belgium, organising street performances in the centre of Antwerp.

Absurd poetry meets Spanish lessons, meets dead silence meets sound poetry meets surrealism. While in Spain in this period Bernd rang the doorbell of Salvator Dali, this visit must have had a big inpact on him. The photo's of a young Bernd that come with this lp will show you why. UE NINOS DU BRASIL: tuppelo 7" "this is the sound that brings out the best in melted brainiacs that start producing oer klanken when seeing a white ball with black dots on it on a grass field while carnavalists run after it in between two "goals", troeps that follow one colour for the rest of their days, primates that repeat what the rest of the stadion is yelling!

UE MSS Meesterd issue 5 August zine "the fifth issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general. This issue was made in vienna in the beginning of august, made in between, after, and before swimming, train rides, visits to exhibtions by Burroughs, daniel spoerri, breathing in fresh air, garlic soup, wine etc..

UE MSS Meesterd issue 4 July zine "the fourth issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general. This fourth issue collects 20 pages, a bunch of mat inverted purple music paper and a bunch of raw green glossy messyness! UE MSS Meesterd issue 3 June zine "the third issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general. UE MSS Meesterd issue 2 May zine "the second issue in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general. This second issue collects 22 reversed kind of abstract but not realy colaborative drawings by John Olson, Nate Young and Dennis tyfus.

Riso printed less dirty than issue one though still not clean enough to put next to the white album of the beatles. UE MSS Meesterd issue 1 April zine "the first in a series of monthly magazines collecting activities and changes in general. Stella Lohaus who worked with DT as a gallerist for 8 years and her mother Anny De Decker who started the Wide White Space, the first avant garde gallery in belgium with her partner, artist Bernd Lohaus in started playing flute together after Bernd Lohaus died in The flute is one of the easiest instruments to start with and therefore part of the music education in Belgian high schools.

However, to get to the level of playing more complex pieces, it takes practice. The videos are in loop and capture the protagonists from several angles against a background of old-fashioned wallpaper. The loops are presented on several TV-screens spread out over the exhibition space. The cacophony of music that stems from them creates a quirky and hypnotizing atmosphere. UE "KOEK KOEK" Magazine "while, during and after showing the video installation "Gargles from Ipanema" during the exhibition "Contour " at Nekkerspoel Station in Mechelen, Belgium, a ton of hate-mail, lettres of complain and negative fleshbook-, twitter- and blog comments arrose from the smelly armpit of Belgium, people have spit on the TV screens and even cut the electricity out.

This lp collects 2 selections from 2 Magisch Theater cassettes from , the A side is a selection from a untitled cassette and the flip has a soundtrack made for a painting exhibtion by Peter Braet. Timo Van Luijck, aka the great AF URSIN, with whom Kris plays with as a duo from time to time, recorded this masterpiece, the thick grey card board sleeve and fold open poster insert were drawn by Dennis Tyfus and silkscreened by the man with two first names Gerard Herman!

With this material RS created a sleeve design for a 5" vinyl record, limited to 10 copies, risograph printed at Risiko Press.

It has been a while since Miaux has released anything, as everyone around Antwerp, where she is based, still had tears in their eyes from hearing her last 7" on ue, or her self released cassettes which were hardly playable as they layed in puddles of salty tears for way too long! Miaux, the moniker of Mia Prce, was born in in Sarajevo, where she lived until she was 7 years old, both her parents were painters and visited Antwerp, Belgium with her, where they've ended up in the vibrant art freakscene around Ercola, one of the oldest artist collectives in Antwerp, based at wolstraat in a old hospital in the centre of town, a space where Mia got used to naked hippies rolling on the floor during their happenings, and where she got hooked on her father's cassettes of Embryo, Neu, Brainticket, and Roxy Music, while the family wanted to move back, the war started at home which is why they've stayed in Antwerp forever!

Bored with not understanding any other children her age, Mia started pushing her fingers into a casio she got at age 5, later to be classically trained on piano by a woman with a backwards wig on her head! Classic Cornuta blubber, filth with the juice of one of his many cacti, and dried afterwards to still be able to wear the blubber as a hat! This "high quality" transparant bday record is limited and numbered to only 26 copies and housed in a wooden silkscreen!

These are the second and third versions of this soundtrack, there's the 1 hour long version and a "hit" version which will be released on a compilation lp by Contour. For years i've thought these poems were already written, as Byron told me about them when i visited the Yod Space in Florence some years back. I can perfectly remember hearing about Byron selling plasma to be able to get fried, Byron living in a tree because he was kicked out of his shared apartment as he pissed on his roommate's sister, Byron working at Micky d's, Byron meeting Mariel Hemmingway and a mountain of other disrupting tales.

It turned out these poems were not written until the night before the presentation of this book at stadslimiet in antwerp on august 19th of LP "i better warn non flemish speaking creeps first: This archival lp of belgian poet and visual artist MvM is a Flemish spoken word lp, so don't expect to understand any of it! Marcel van Maele was a poet, provocateur, and visual artist residing in Antwerp, Belgium.

He was, to say the least, not a very common poet, much like his friend Marcel Broodthaerts, MvM was always seeking for new or different ways to present his poetry resulting in bottling his own poems or stuffin his books in glass pots filled with spirits! The last 20 years of his life MvM died in Marcel van Maele was completely blind, which didn't stop him from performing. He used a small dictaphone, a "souffleur", which he referred to as his best friend, to pre-record his poems sentence by sentence, so he could repeat them with headphones for live performances.

Besides that, this lp also contains a dialogue poem with his wife Carine Lampens, an excerpt from an audiozine published by the blindenbibliotheek and private diary recordings MvM recorded for his wife when she was on a holiday! When i visited Tokyo in January i accidentally met Nakahara in a recordstore, we mainly communicated in sign language but he did remember that i asked him to do a record some years before, he sign languaged that he was bad with sending stuff in the mail and asked how many days i would stay in Tokyo, i made the rather simple hand gesture of putting 3 fingers in the air, which he replied to with the words "A side tommorow".

As accidentally, i bump into him again the next day carrying around the A side in his pocket, all made on that day with a heavy flu, which is hearable on the lp, a stripped down heavy dim sum of collaged tapes, mini electronics, coughs, sneezes, and ants! UE94 Dennis Tyfus: Wefex spway book "a collection of drawings, collages, paintings, photographs, spit-and ink work, and found images in both colour and black and white by Dennis Tyfus including a text by Wim Van Mulders.

This page book was made in conjunction with the "Relax most of your muscles" exhibition, at Be Part in Waregem. It contains a handful of these works which where presented in the exhibition, however most were made solely for this publication. All of these sounds played simultaneously at the "Relax most of your muscles" Dennis Tyfus' solo exhibtion at Be Part in Waregem,Belgium, providing a non stop soundtrack that coincided with large paintings and around 20 film loops and drawings which created a disturbingly meditative landscape.

Bob would also record most jingles for the radio and was the chairman there until he sadly passed away on october 30 of last year, therfore this record carries a incredibly typical "centraal sound", since i got obsessed with this insane radio station this strange combination of library space music, radical satire, fassbinder, klaus schulze and percise field recording styles has not left me ever!

The obsession of hunting down the right microphones, synthesizers and self build metal instruments in combination with the ability to build, mix, cut and paste and change any existing format resulted in a amazing recorded archive and a giant studio where no one but Bobby Colombo could find his way around This record is limited to copies and comes with a "real" photo, developed at the colunst house, a fold open space poster and a sleeve with more archival photography on it.

There's no food anymore, tap water is not drinkable, and eating each other's intestines seems to be the last enjoyable possibilty. The thick dense sound of synth throbbing bubbles up from these hungry bowels. Comes in a collage sleeve by Dennis Tyfus, limited to copies. We are dance bands. Your ankle is be cramped with a rhythm! We are burst of laughter, drinks tea and digs the ground, and sometimes hungry!!

Papekyowance pyorotomi: guitar, vox, dance.

Tecondo Ookuninushino Makoto: guitar, vox, dance. Papa Big Papa: drums, vox, dance. Recorded by Meo Uwan at the Chichi no ke studio. He played it cool, was clearly annoyed but remained polite. From then on he is now 46 I would email him the same question daily. I slept in a tent in front of his house, sent him letters every week, had all his different cell phone numbers, I even gave him new clothes, though he kept wearing his fully blue outfit.

Much like Michael Jackson, Corsano, the last drummer on earth, always remained calm and polite and made this full on incredible LP of absolute madness played on different drum sets, toy percussion, baritone sax mouthpiece on a 2 foot metal pipe, violin strings, banjo and violin bridges, contact mics, effect pedals, claw bell, metal strips from windshield wipers, toy comb, clarinet, toy gamelan, guitar cable, gongs, metals, triangle, nylon guitar strings, amps, melodica, pot lids etc.

Corsano, together with all mentioned collaborators above, changed and refreshed improvised music forever, blew the "free" into free music again, threw an energy molotov cocktail over western Massachussets, and has a non-academic and unlimited interest in sounds far behind any traditional free music school! This LP is a collection of most of his different techniques that blew you away when you saw him play live. Comes in a hairy black and white cover by Dennis Tyfus, with an insert. John Shaw took us there and explained from before what it was gonna be like; we would be seated down in a comfortable couch while the last great man would stand up next to a pedestal with some quality whiskey, dope and cigarettes on it, sporting a mono-coloured suit and sunglasses day and night while Foust is telling stories about different art records, and mainly his own work, ranging from short films, visual work and audio since !

It was exactly how Shaw explained it. I was blown away by the honesty and the effort him and his ladyfriend Karla Borecki put into their work, and how little response they get to it. We shared a common interest in arrogant pop quality, and especially the situationists, to which he relates his work to in only aesthetic way! I think it is a quality in people when you cant divide their work with their persona; Idea Fire Company is a collective of people that definitely swing that robe! Beautiful carpets of radio bleebs and static, piano Karla Borecki is a trained pianist and almost kraut-like synth ambience.

Comes in a mono coloured sleeve full of dots by Dennis Tyfus, and comes with an insert. Besides my own ladyfriend, I don't think I know anyone better than Eva, and her boyfriend Audiobot madman Carlo Steegen. For some reason this makes it even more difficult to write a decent description for this record; we live in the same mansion, and I could write a lot of stories about doing the dishes together, or putting the garbage out.

Orphan Fairytale is a dedication to Eva's mom, who died when Eva was 14 years old. A melancholic soundtrack to the loss, and a way of dealing with it! A maze of ever-changing Casio trips dripping with childish ecstasy, a belly dancer oozing for endless adolescence playing with burned dolls in a Barbie house filled with pedals and looptapes! Melanchotronic folk reminiscent to some Moondog, the contemporary Finnish crew, Delia Derbyshire and Asian pop.

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This LP comes in a full colour collaged cover design by Dennis Tyfus with 2 inserts. A tight dressed dandy, going bananas every night, and looking as tight and clean the morning after". He has been inspiring the Belgian underground art scene for more than fifty years. He was the youngest artist making real paintings at the end of the fifties. Abstractionism reduced to one gesture. One sweep. One movement of the sword. Great collages, the only real pop artist in Belgium, latex word paintings, pneumatic forms before someone else got bigger with it.

Always on the move. The way Wout Vercammen acts, performs, talks and moves is perfectly captured on this LP! When living in Antwerp, chances are you witnessed a Wout Vercammen performance without even realizing it, this is possible at any given moment. Smuggling jenever into prison, painting the copper dome of the Carolus Borromeus church white, filling blue garbage bags with air, and especially howling like a wolf, primitive throat singing and using the whole bar as a percussive instrument!!! Wout Vercammen changes reality, and makes it a tiny bit better.

This record is a collection of accidently recorded "moments" and a composition of a black, a yellow and a red paint bucket all shook up through a synth and a 4 track! All varying from percussive punk primitive madness comparable to Kommisar Hjuler, a strange conversation in a garden to soundpoetry, howling and screaming. I am absolutely psyched to release this, as Wout Vercammen along with Ludo Mich has always been my favorite Antwerp psycho! The LP comes in a offset printed sleeve with pictures of the artist, an insert with more pictures and liner notes by art critic Hans Theys!

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I was struck by Joshua's mix of shyness, amazing and heavy acoustic guitar playing and his encyclopedic knowledge of weirdo music. His music is usually so silent that it makes you all tense and walk on socks instead of wooden shoes. Some of the recordings were overdubbed in This is a beautiful collection of collaged scrambled bedroom madness, teenage wilderness, guitar noise, acidfolk, almost psych, organ fuckery, space between the tape deck and the player, outsider beauty!!!!!!!

As a "prize" I could release their record inspired by the subject matter. Which became a beautiful audiobook like a madman's guide to alienville! The medicine these chaps have to use makes em sing in different colours and add styles to eachother that never heard of eachother's existence. Comes in a collaged cover with a new born baby on it and prince Charles and an insert.

You can smell them from a mile away, they're the adults raising their kids on homebrew white spirit, continuously producing the kind of farts you can't hear though the stench is worse than the ones that sound like a brassband. The governement of Finland is not proud of this sick family, they try to keep it silent, rarely give interviews to press from other countries and make sure planes hardly fly out.

The only instruments that made it were a few balloons and a crappy casio. On arrival they found a microphone, a drum and more toys, climbed the WFMU building and played the craziest session ever! Like a bunch of children discovering the 50's euro avant garde scene, the 60's psychedelic free jazz and pre-punk scene, the 70's sound poetry and punk scene and the 80's disco scene in one afternoon!!

This LP sounds like a mix of all of that I guess. Limited to copies, comes in a psychedelic duo coloured cover by Dennis Tyfus. This recording took place in the building and garden of Fundacao de Serralves and Porto Palacio Hotel. The basic idea was to record the sound of running horses for a collaborative public sound sculpture by both artists, however during the process other sounds such as drunk Venezualan singing, "vacuumcleaning", rambling, and discussions about Maurizio Catalan and the snake of jungle book who by the way "has a very stupid expression on his face" landed on the tape which changed the running horses into crazy horses.

This record is released for the "involved" exhibtion in Shanghai, curated by Phillippe Pirotte. Limited to copies, B-side features an etching by Tuymans and Balka. LP "i don't know a rabi that yells as high pitched and psycho then nik rizili! Excellent odd ball release of the week. I made a mental note to self: must listen again to The Birthday Party. I didn't follow any of the subsequent solo work by the various members of that band: I just know that it's nothing for me.

So I had to inform myself at youtube to hear what 'Shivers' sounded like by Rowland S. I must admit I wasn't that impressed by the original 'Shivers' piece, as heard on youtube: it's just not the kind of thing I like, the big, deep emotion; I am not that sensitive, I guess. That is pretty much what I can say about the two interpretations on this 7". I can hear they are made with great style, great care and an utter love for the original, but it's just not my kind of music. Six Organs Of Admittance use more percussion, r is more introspective. I thought it was nice enough though.

I enjoyed hearing it, but nothing more I guess. Here Banabila manages to surprise me again. This is another work of electronically processed sounds, but they use extensively field recordings, and judging by the title of this work, as well as what we hear, these field recordings might have been taped while gardening. The amplification of a spade for instance. Raking the grass, picked up with a rusty contact microphone.

Then electronic processing which Banabila uses here is not heavy, or extensive, but rather gentle. Sometimes he creates a loop or two, which by itself already form a small song, and let's the other crackles just continue. It's not music for which we could use the word excessive, but it's not exactly 'ambient' either.

Intimate seems to me a word that is more appropriate for this music. A tinkle on the piano, more loops, but essentially also a work of gardening, which if it always sounded like this, I would indulge in it too. But gardening is easily in the top three of activities I don't like. Listening to 'Gardening' is of course something else.


This is great! Thoroughly relaxing music, and with the balcony doors wide open because spring more or less seems to be arriving, this is a most pleasant release. Banabila's work spans eight tracks, but also invited seven friends to do remixes of this work, and those seven remixes follow straight after his eight originals. It's very nice to have these remixes as an added bonus, but maybe altogether it wasn't that necessary to have a an equally strong album.

On his own label Jorg releases all kinds of beat based music styles, or perhaps even more extended, all sorts of electronic music. Here he has fifteen pieces, from six seconds to just over five minutes, but the majority is under three minutes anyway. Jorg's own music has only the faintest traces of dance music. Very occasionally there is something of techno beat to be detected here, but mostly this is a collage of moods and atmospheres.

All done with electronics and field recordings. People talking, machinery and electronics that play drones, melodies of a darker nature, and sometimes that thumb of a beat. More melodic than y'r average drone release, Jorg has his eye open for the musical component of this.

Piano sounds tinkle, there is some singing and it's never abstract. This is all more like a story than just a bunch of pieces. Maybe I think so, because I'm told by the press text says so, but maybe it's the brief character of the songs that made me think so, or maybe it's the fact that these tracks seem to flow neatly into each other. Great stuff, I think. Because it sounds so unlike any sort of organized rhythm based music, I am particular attracted to this. He played bass in various jazz and rock bands in Montreal, but later on studied electro-acoustic composition at the University of the same city and now he releases his first work as Total Normal.

I wouldn't have guessed that he studied electro-acoustic composition if I would have just heard this record. His sampling of jazzy tunes, lounge music, rock drums, spoken words, exotica and all such like is thrown into the melting pot of musical styles and cooked up into nineteen relative short pieces of great classic plunderphonics. Think Tape-beatles, think Negativland, think People Like Us, Ergo Phizmis and such like, and while Total Normal uses a bit of spoken word, it's less heavy based on as with the others just mentioned. The political and sociological connotations their work has, lacks here, all in favor of a more music approach.

Which is something I actually like. Plunderphonics rules, but you can keep your political pamphlets. Nobody remembers of course, but this sounds like DJ-T's long forgotten record 'Natural Selection'. Great grooves, great melodies and nice samples. Maybe one hour is a bit exhausting, I thought, and it would have worked better on LP, or LP length, weed some of the weaker tracks out and have a stronger overall album. Now it's still a great album, but with some weaker brothers and sisters, and the listener somewhat fatigued. That, of course, is also an accomplishment.

Both have 'misprints' on them, suggesting they were released in , but Senley assures me they are brand new. In the melancholic corner we find 'Music For Voyeurs', where Senley creates sweet ambient music, armed with a guitar, piano, drums out of a box, rather than from a kit and electronics, along with bits of field recordings and found voices, and maybe his own voice. Its all a bit cliched here, with Durutti Column like guitars and other midi controlled instruments and sounds, a bit of watered down version of real ambient, whereas as the release evolves we find more and more bass lines and it's more 'pop' like, but only in the way the bass is played.

This lacks any form tension, but instead floats by like a small creek on a summer's day. Not too fast, nothing wild and sure, thats ok, but I wondered if I'd play that easily again. Probably not. It's one of those things you hear with interest, like more or less, and then probably forgot all about. Maybe referring to a band he was in before, Gent, but this is all more pop like, and to a certain extend more aggressive. It has elements of industrialized forms of dance music, sampled voices combined with more mellow moments, but never as sweet as Music For Voyeurs. Again much of the instruments here are derived from midi controlled environments, maybe even garage band or something like that and there is quite an amount of variation in approaches here.

Maybe we could say this is a soundtrack to some ghostly movie, shifting through various atmospheres, or something like that, but I am not really that convinced about it. You could as easily say this is a release of someone who couldn't make his mind up and dabbled around in various forms of alternative pop music, from punk to new wave to shoegazing and dance music, but not always with the best results. Some of these songs are nice, but where do they fit in, I wondered. De Bode thought of the concept here, and plays sound monochromes, samples, theremin, keyboard, electric guitar and mix, while De Leeuw plays self build sound machines, theremin, smartphone and keyboard.

It's feeded by the sound-images of several shortfilms. Soundbytes of chafing iron, smashing piles, sonic cows and rustling night-moths. The relics of an impressive visual soundscape. A polyphonic soundtrack based on the elements of earth, water, air and fire". It premiered last year. It seems there is a strong visual component to this music, but this CDR only shows us the music side of this. This is indeed something entirely different than the Brodrov music.

Whereas that was quite bouncy and krautrock like, this one is all about experimental soundscapes, with it's mysterious sound textures, processed field recordings of bird calls and other obscured sounds. This is more mood - or moody perhaps - music than the more 'pop' like approach of Brodrov. Indeed, I can imagine a strong visual side to this music, and I would not have minded to see that on this release, or perhaps as a DVDR by itself.

Each of the seven unfolds slowly and has minimal changes throughout. Each seem to be around a few sound sources but inside there is enough changes to be fully interesting for the time each pieces lasts. It shouldn't have been much longer, I think. Interesting release, although perhaps only part of the whole thing, which would be interesting to see one day.

There are two tracks by each solo artist, followed by a thirty-five minute epic that pools their efforts. The title, 'Neurosis of Enthrallment,' presumably refers to a state of being so gleeful about something that it becomes a mental disorder. It's curious language from these dungeon-dwelling bass-mongers, who perhaps perceive it pathological to be excited about anything life has to offer. It's a curious glimpse into the psychology of the two men behind the music.

After Wilt's dead-eyed but subdued couplet, Crown of Bone Dustin Alan Redington drops in like an aluminum bat to the crown. Since you've already turned the volume knob up to appreciate the nuances of Wilt's sprawling compositions, Redington's blustering harsh noise assault makes for a vicious awakening. However, it's the two bands' half-hour collab that's the prime focus on 'Neurosis. In whole, the composition seems to tend towards Wilt's less obtrusive approach, staging a multi-layered fog of industrial-inspired dark drone and glimmering electronic floaters.

Only over the track's final third does the thing casually graze into the gruesome domain of harsh noise, and even so it never matches the haughty snarl of CoB's solo work. The professionally printed cover of Tasuketekun's 'Electrical Lessons' surrounds a childlike drawing of a boy and a girl lying innocently in the grass with messy swaths of monochrome paint. It's a harbinger of things to come: this Japanese noisester, real name Kouta Yamamoto, takes no prisoners with his eventful ruckus.

Yamamoto's 'lessons' refer to noxious sound of the piercing variety, with abrasive surfaces and torturous noise-spikes reinforcing his draconian method of education. The pulsing timbre of electricity is omnipresent here, recurrently invading those ends of the sound spectrum not occupied by grumbling low-end grime.

The twitching, continually metamorphosing "Light Sleep" is a personal favorite, both because it covers so much ground and because it does so with admirable concision. His piece 'Scherenschnitt' translates as 'silhouette, cut out or paper cut' and deals, obviously?