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This forgiving responsiveness will allow riders to start increasing tire pressure again as the wheel will itself contribute towards better traction, improving acceleration and rolling speed, and reducing tire rebound.


The shallow to wide profile ratio adds lateral stiffness and torsional strength. So while the radial compliancy allows for more flex, the enhanced lateral stiffness keeps the wheel true.

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With an internal width of This means tires act predictably, and cornering traction is more consistent. Now Spank has applied the same principles to the rim. With the significantly heightened radial compliancy of the new SPANK rim, a direct result of the ratio between the incredibly low sectional profile height and the 35mm width, the engineering objective was first and foremost to ensure strength, torsional and lateral, for the higher demands of DH Race and free ride.

Spank Introduces Vibrocore Wheels - Mountain Bikes Press Releases - Vital MTB

In fact, Vibrocore facilitates modern rim designs with thinner wall thicknesses in some areas, without any negative effect on strength and resilience. Initial testing of both new rims with Commencal Riding Addiction and other SPANK athletes have proven drastically improved ride characteristics and performance. They will also be available as wheel sets at suggested MSRP of SPANK Industries works closely with riders in the development of their new products and technologies. Trail inspired and designed to support the rider equally well on uphill and downhill, while still facilitating manoeuvrability on and off the saddle, The OOZY saddle features a slight kick-up in the back for uphill, and added lower back support.

The form includes design considerations that optimize padding and comfort in the sit bones zone, where riders men and women , typically experience the most discomfort and pinched nerves which lead to numbness and pain.

Why I Don’t Spank My Kids…. But Sometimes I Think I Might

The Human Factor design principle in our new grips addresses multi-directional slide in a smooth, low profile tread. Vibration damping is maximized without the negative feeling of float. Tapered ends ensure comfort for the extended little finger when hands are positioned at the bar extremities for maximum leverage and control. Spank Industries. Yes, it's 30mm in diameter, so the girth would be about mm. Both measurements are for your comfort.

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) OTK M/m spank

Another example of my so-called entitlement to unearned greatness? Kiley lists more problems with Millennials that should earn people like me a spanking - "and not in a fun kinky way". He's clear that he wouldn't go as far as sexual abuse, which is nice, as that is illegal. Instead, he prefers people in power physically hitting young people, because it's clear that no one has ever suffered trauma from that.

Britain needs to be made of "sterner stuff" says Kiley - quoting the example of Mosul where people are burying their dead and living under Isis. Syria's citizens "are no less robust" he says. It's not clear but I suppose he means the Syrians that are still alive, rather than the millions of not-so-robust Syrians who have been killed by the appalling conditions they are living in. That's what's wrong with British millennials. His argument is a strong one. If we British millennials were exposed to more suffering it would toughen us up and make us better people.

Perhaps that is why we have been inflicted with this article.

9 Things To Do Instead of Spanking

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  8. Sky News's Sam Kiley is right - the problems with the youth of today is they haven't been tortured. If this is the first time you have subscribed to emails from JPIMedia Ltd, the publishers of inews, please check your inbox to verify your email address. Sorry, there seem to be some issues. Please try again later.