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Published: November 14, by Bards and Sages Publishing. Award-winning author Peter A. Balaskas unleashes his unique style of mesmerizing horror once again. This collection of short stories takes readers on a dark journey into that shadow realm between the real and surreal, where ordinary people find themselves confronted by extraordinary things. Close the windows. Lock the doors. Check under the bed. And make yourself at home…In Our House. Words: 79, Published: August 30, by Bards and Sages Publishing. A homeless man trapped in a hell of his own making finds a reason to hope in "Redemption Song.

Words: 88, Published: July 21, by Bards and Sages Publishing. A series of kidnappings leads detective Mitch Grogan to the home of the wealthy but eccentric Darius Hawthorne. What he discovers unleashes a chain of events that not only threatens his life, but also his sanity. Grogan finds himself caught up in a deadly game with a three hundred year old vampire looking for a worthy adversary to relieve his boredom. But what does the vampire really want? Words: 22, Published: January 29, by Bards and Sages Publishing.

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That the Eye of Kali will be your reward. It will be waiting for you in Kabool. An ancient sword of unimaginable power.

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And a path that leads straight into the lair of a mythical adversary. The debut novella by Brian Pettera. These are stories often trapped in the forsaken shadowlands of the publishing industry: too long for traditional magazines and journals, but too short for print. Launched in , The Society of Misfit Stories provides a loving home for longer short fiction. Each entry in the series is a stand-alone tale from talented new and established voices in a wide range of genres.

Volume One is available in digital, paperback, and hardcover formats and features the stories first published in Volume Two will be available in late and will feature all of the Misfits published in Bards and Sages Quarterly by Bards and Sages Publishing The Bards and Sages Quarterly features original short speculative fiction from both new and established authors. Our writers include first-time authors, Pushcart Prize nominees, and Nebula award winners. With each issue, our goal is to bring readers the most inclusive collection of speculative fiction available.

Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, Vol. Chronicles of Cambrea by Julie Ann Dawson An ancient death cult works to tear down the Spirit Wall and unleash an undead horde upon the world.

Brush of Honor - James R. Layon

Felsworn mercenaries prowl the wilds, collecting coin and souls for their demonic masters. A holy order of assassins waits in the shadows for their chosen targets. If you like your literary fiction sprinkled with friendly insanity, or if you prefer your contemporary fantasy to resonate with profound realism, or if you simply enjoy reading about anthropomorphic critters and everyday people in unusual situations both mundane and bizarre, this collection is for you.

Published: September 30, Published: September 2, Words: 35, Published: June 30, For eleven years, the Bards and Sages Quarterly has introduces readers to an eclectic collection of talented speculative fiction authors. Published: April 2, For over ten years, The Bards and Sages Quarterly has provided fans of speculative fiction with a unique mix of tales from both new and established authors.

With each issue, we strive to introduce readers to exciting and entertaining voices in the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres. Words: 39, Published: December 28, Words: 42, First launched in January , The Bards and Sages Quarterly is a celebration of short speculative fiction.

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Each issue brings readers a vibrant collection of speculative works from both new and established writers. Our goal remains the same today as when we began: to create a showcase in which to introduce readers to amazing voices they might have otherwise missed. Published: July 1, Words: 59, Published: April 3, Words: 34, Published: January 1, Words: 27, Published: November 1, Volume Six of The Great Tome Series features eight original tales featuring historical and mythical magic-users. With each issue of the Bards and Sages Quarterly, we strive to bring fans of speculative fiction an engaging and entertaining variety of stories from new and established authors in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

Words: 56, Celebrating our 9th year in publication! Each issue of the Bards and Sages Quarterly is compiled to bring readers an eclectic and entertaining collection of works from both new and established voices in the speculative fiction genres.

Bards and Sages Quarterly (October 2015)

Words: 55, Celebrate the wonderful range of styles within the speculative fiction genres with our newest issue of the Bards and Sages Quarterly. From the lighthearted to the heart-pounding, this special double-length issue will delight short fiction fans. Words: 40, Published: March 17, Enjoy this collection of tales that provide a unique exploration of the legendary creature and its kin. Published: January 2, Celebrating our 9th year! Each issue offers readers a unique collection of original speculative fiction tales from both new and established writers.

An interview with the authors of War of the Worlds: Retaliation. Fiction by Andrew Knighton, A. Published: December 14, Volume Three of this collection features narratives revolving around the exploration of fantasy or alien locales in which the acts of exploration and adventure are central to the plot. This volume features over a dozen tales drawn from fantastic creatures found in folklore and urban legends. Words: 43, Published: October 1, Since , the Bards and Sages Quarterly has brought fans of speculative fiction an amazing variety of short stories from both new and established authors in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

Words: 58, Published: August 7, Our Eighth installment of the series features the winners of our annual charity writing competition and our Reader's Choice Awards poll. Words: 53, Published: June 7, This volume features eleven tales revolving around monsters, evil aliens, and otherworldly entities. Words: 33, Published: March 31, Since , the Bards and Sages Quarterly has brought fans of speculative fiction an amazing variety of short stories from both new and established authors.

Each issue sets out to introduce readers to the wealth of talent found in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres. The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts, volume one of The Great Tome Series, presents fifteen tales of cursed relics, ancient artifacts, magical items, and alien devices. Each issue sets out to introduce readers to the wealth of talent found in the horror, fantasy and science fiction genres.

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Our authors have included Nebula, Hugo, and Pushcart winners and nominees. Words: 38, Published: August 14, Though originally meant as a stand alone anthology, the Bardic Tales and Sage Advice collection has evolved into an annual celebration of speculative fiction. Lambert Lawson, and Julie Ann Dawson. Words: 32, Words: 31, Published: January 11, Published: August 9, We consider it the perfect sampler of the wonderful emerging talent in the speculative genres.

We hope you will agree. Words: 15, Published: June 29, Published: January 26, Since , each issue of the Bards and Sages Quarterly has delivered a unique variety of character-driven speculative fiction short stories from both new and established writers. At this late hour, shadows pooled everywhere, in wait for unsuspecting victims. Each cover bore only a single word chiseled into its glazed surface.

Kerntah recited the list. Founder, her great-great-great-grandfather, one of the first to discover the Region. Scientist, her great-great-grandfather, who had created many of the devices used today. General, her great-grandfather, whose military finesse allowed peace between the Regions with little bloodshed. Coexist, her father, who had developed a code of conduct that enabled her race to live amicably among the others.

Her father and grandfather had never shared the same beliefs. Their constant fights had chased Father from the Region when he was a young man. Grandmother begged him to stay but he declined. Trips to see Grandmother often ended with Father and Grandfather in an argument, so ultimately the visits stopped. Then Grandfather started to harm all who opposed his efforts to overthrow the Ruler. He was executed for treason and buried in a cemetery on the outskirts of the Region, rather than the family crypt. Throughout those years of accord, she studied with Father with the understanding that she would continue his legacy and pass it to future generations.

She awoke to screams of terror—daggers that pierced her heart. Fingers at her throat, Kerntah ran out of the sepulcher. A glow behind the trees guided her way. Once she arrived at her destination she paused. Fires raged throughout the town and cast an eerie light to the blood that flowed like rivers in Hell. This was far worse than the killings in the remote valley village.

She never knew Lhatah was capable of such horrific acts. Kerntah shoved aside her shock and rushed to help. She crouched beside a prone figure and realized his physical injuries were too extensive for her to save his life. She placed a palm on his forehead and whispered a sending dirge to ease his transition to the afterlife. She walked to the next body. The woman writhed from her pain.

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She ministered to the injured and dying until all had been attended by either her or the doctors. She took a moment to stretch her back and survey the area. The scar Lhatah rent on this community would fade with weeks of hard work, but the emotional pain would mar these people forever. Across a scorched swatch of soil she saw the Ruler had been inspecting the devastation. Ash and grime covered him like a shroud, but his eyes were clear. She read the message there, nodded, and hastened away. Kerntah got home, hurried to her library, and skimmed the shelves of tomes she inherited from her father.

He often consulted these references in his quest to improve upon his techniques. Every so often a title caught her attention and she would stop and leaf through it. None contained the solution she sought. She sagged into a chair and rubbed her face. She resettled in her seat as the familiar scent of the inked pages surrounded her in an aura of emotion. Sometime later she loosened the cricks.

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Summary Since , the Bards and Sages Quarterly has brought fans of speculative fiction an amazing variety of short stories from both new and established authors. Rose, Myriad Spheres. I first heard of Eugie Foster years ago. A friend told me he read the best story ever in a popular critique group. That story went on to win the Nebula in The story was just plain dynamite.

Foster is meant for great things. She draws the reader in with lush descriptions and holds her by doling out tantalizing morsels just as the reader craves them. A gorgeous, dark and unexpectedly creepy story…With this tale Foster questions not just societal roles, but those of relationships, gender and caste as well.