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A red aura is one of the most powerful colors found in an aura energy and those with a red aura are passionate, strong and reactive to their environment. It can be a positive or a negative element.


Red represents blood and life force. It's a vibration of action with the ability to either attract or repel. Blue aura colors represent the throat, specifically the thyroid. If your aura energy is blue, you're intuitive, and you love helping people. You remain calm during a crisis.

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Others lean on you for support. What does a green aura mean?

Parity Substrate

People with a green aura are more connected to nature and tend to focus most on helping others. Green is the color of the heart and of nature. This is usually found within the aura of healers, teachers, and people who work for the public good. Purple energy in auras is associated with the pituitary gland, pineal gland, and the nervous system.

Silver and gold auras are very positive and considered spiritual vibrations.

Aura | Definition of Aura by Merriam-Webster

What does a black aura mean? Black auras indicate you're holding on to negative feelings. Typically, it indicates an unwilling and unforgiving spirit. This color can also indicate that disease is being held in certain regions of your body.

The astral aura plane:

There are no bad aura colors; however, there are aura colors that could indicate you need to work on certain aspects of self energetically. Dark colors can be indicators of blocked energy centers within the body. White aura colors typically indicate a newness and purity. White energy can be found in highly spiritual people who've transcended the physical and are preparing to ascend.

Religious history claims white auras were seen surrounding angelic beings. White aura energy can also be found in souls that are very new to the incarnation cycle on earth, typically in a first lifetime. How bright or dim your aura is indicates how strongly the energy is that you emit right now. The brightness will vary based on your own energy levels and emotions. September 23 - October 6.

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