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A detailed list in the borrowed pickup he had parked in the white-fenced schoolyard showed careful planning and included provisions for an extended siege, such as candles, a change of clothing, and toilet tissue. Two tubes of sexual lubricant and a board with 10 large eyebolts secured to it suggest that he intended to truss his victims and sexually assault them. As Roberts entered the school again, the young, female teacher slipped out the back and ran for help at a nearby farm.

He ordered ten girls to lie on the floor in front of the black board and told them to be silent as he bound their ankles with wire and plastic ties. He then dismissed the male pupils as well as several other women with small children who had been visiting the school. According to some reports, a nine-year old girl followed her brother out of the classroom; in one account it was said that she did not understand English well enough to grasp Roberts' instructions. In a later account, she insisted that one of the women instructed her to tiptoe among them as they left the room.

In a still later account, as trauma became mythologized in the community, none of the older survivors recalled speaking to the girl, and it was reported that some now believe her life was spared for greater things, that an angel must have told her to slip out the side door while Roberts was busy with a window blind.

Alone in the room with the girls, Roberts asked them to pray for him, and told them that he was angry with God. The oldest girl asked Roberts to shoot her first in an effort to distract him or spare the younger ones, according to her surviving younger sister who then asked Roberts to shoot her next. At some point during this time, Roberts contacted his wife by cell phone and confessed that when he was 12 years old, he had molested two female relatives who would have been between the ages of 3 and 5, and he had been fantasizing about molesting children again.

His wife got the call after returning home from a women's group that meets weekly at a nearby church to pray for community school children and other concerns. A rural policeman's son who had grown up home-schooled in that area, Roberts lived with his wife and three children, aged 6 and under, little more than a mile from the school house.

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His work took him to local Amish farms, hauling milk from their dairy barns. In one of four suicide notes he left behind, he indicated that he intended to die that day. He referred to obsessive grief over the loss of a daughter who had died shortly after being born nine years earlier and mentioned "having dreams of doing what he had done twenty years ago," apparently alluding to sexual molestation of family members.

This and I wish the students every success in their information will soon be sent to the parents. The various events kept the little champions of the day brimming with enthusiasm and excitement as they balanced, jumped on hula hoops, hopped like rabbits, balanced lemons on spoons, crawled like caterpillars, stopped, dropped and rolled like firefighters, developing essential skills that are important not only to health and fitness but also to improve concentration, focus, determination, flexibility, speed, coordination and muscle control.

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The children were very excited as they were able to make their own props to support the story. Some children made baskets, while others made cupcakes and flowers to take for grandma who is sick and lives across the woods. A few children sat and drew the story in the correct sequence and labelled the things they had drawn and wrote the captions.

Word Search William Shakespeare wrote around 37 plays for the theatre and over poems! No one can say the exact number, because some of his work may have been lost over time — and some may have been written with the help of other people. Skills Athletic The skills round was followed by the finals of the two main track events — m and 4 xm relay.

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Skills Athletica was held on 6thMarch. The theme for Skills Athletica this year was, Skills of There was a special race for teachers and Mums and Tolerance and Co-existence, keeping in turn with Dads. The day began with the guard of honour followed by the National Anthem It was a fun filled day as students, teachers and and recitation of the Holy Quran.

The oath by the parents enjoyed themselves.

📌 Charles Carl Roberts

The day finally ended student leaders and the torch relay gave the with Gamma House emerging winners. Carl Roberts took salute. The sports commenced with 12 Activity Zones and each zone represented a Tolerance attribute. Each zone displayed spoke song on their chosen tolerance attribute. Students enjoyed the skills at each zone as they moved from one zone to another. It stands over meters, with Who discovered gravity?

It Charles Darwin takes more than 36 workers three months to clean its glass facade. The job is not for the Sir David Attenborough faint of heart. Sir Isaac Newton Brian Cox. Held annually at the Grand Hyatt International Delegations from Morocco and Italy and the United Nations Head Quarters, New were amongst the largest to have arrived a day York, it is the most diverse conference in the state before and French, Arabic, and Italian representing students from well over reverberated throughout. In an almost infinitely never Leadership were underway with American, -ending head-tilt from eye-level towards the sky, Italian, and UN Diplomats leading the the high-rise buildings of the Big Apple tower microphones for an audience of more than over you.

The city scape being the truest delegates. A number bigger than most schools. Debates were heated. Speeches were compelling.

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Messages were powerful. Diplomacy was in the air. The committee sessions spanned a lengthy 3 days but felt like time had taken over too quickly. Long gone are the days where young voices do not hold power. Model United Nations is by far, one of the most substantive of evidences of how students can change the world. For each round they were Herriot Watt University among 63 teams from asked to do an external analysis —market schools all over the UAE. This competition was demands , competitors , news items as well as about managing a company online in a highly internal analysis — finance and inventory.

Based competitive market through business on these they were asked to determine the simulations. The other companies were managed by the other student teams. The company Business students for this academic year. Students expressed their ideas to share and spread happiness. During the English lessons, students wrote letters expressing their feelings of happiness. While Farah Ossama won 4 accolades at the Emirates Cup gold medals, Yasmin won 3 golds , prestigious swimming and 1 bronze, Zeina 2 silver and 3 competition held on 1st and 2nd bronze and Sara won 1 gold and 2 March at Hamdan Sports bronze medals.

Complex, Dubai.

Sinha 10G5, Zenia Mohamed 9G1 were the proud recipients in their. This project is also part of the GEMS HIPA launched a humanitarian initiative, Jewels of Kindness initiative which encourages our designed to encourage social values and goodwill children to engage in act of kindness. This included providing educational and fun gifts to children in need throughout the world; One box at a time! Lakum Initiative is a charity program aimed at providing useful and educational gifts to underprivileged children throughout the world donated by school children within the United Arab Emirates.

The Westminster School, Dubai was also a part of this great initiative, the whole process started in the first week of February, Around the school, donations from Years 7 to 13, were collected and handled with care as volunteers packed boxes and prepared it for shipping.

Lifesaving Poems: Carl Sandburg’s ‘Buffalo Dusk’

This is what motivated the job to be done. With the boxes backed small notes were added with encouraging messages and drawings to raise their spirits. The Best Readers of the year were awarded certificates. The Key to a greener planet is in your hands. Earth has been recycling water for over 4 billion years! That means we drink the same water as woolly mammoths, the first humans and King Tut. Justice was given to each character Shakespeare.

This project is undertaken every and most of them worked tirelessly for months of year to ensure that the students appreciate and hard work that could be seen from their understand the classics and especially understand performance. The light and sound added to the that human emotions and characters have stayed effect that really mesmerized the audience. This is also an attempt Overall, it was a thrilling experience and an to sustain the love for literature in our students.

The journey began a few months ago and ended in splendor that amused and contented all.