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To beat the crowds, we recommend arriving in the morning. Cameras and cell phones are not permitted on the Skywalk.

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Photographers will be available on the Skywalk for guests. You can watch Native American dances in the amphitheater—they happen every day at 1pm and 5pm, visit the Indian Village, and shop at Creations by Native Hands located by the Indian Village. Take a piece of the Hualapai culture home with you.

Stroll through traditionally built housing, ovens, and sweat lodges. Purchase one of our Legacy Passes and enjoy shuttle busses to all points on the West Rim from 8am to 6pm, except for Hualapai Ranch, which has shuttle service from 8am to 4pm.

Dates for a headlining fall US tour are expected to be announced shortly

From t-shirts and hats to handcrafted jewelry and weavings made by the Hualapai, Hopi, and Mojave tribes, this shop offers a unique collection of gifts that reflect the experience of Canyon history. These items allow you to take a piece of the Grand Canyon and the Hualapai culture home with you. Take a self-guided tour through this authentic village for a view of local and regional tribal heritage and tradition. Stroll through traditionally built housing, ovens, and sweat lodges and be amazed at the unique architecture, style, and functionality of each structure and feature.

Even great songwriters are not going to write hits every time.

How it works...

They may write five bad ones before writing one good one. With Alter Bridge you have the advantage of Myles Kennedy, a great singer who can transform songs. He can do it all. I wanted him to join the band back in the day because he had such passion in his voice. He can deliver the rock thing and his falsettos are so emotional. My songs are like my babies.

When Myles sings them, they do. Essentially, I wrote half the songs and Myles wrote half the songs for this record. I sing on my demos, but I often have to pitch them down [from how they eventually] appear on record.

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There were a few songs I had written that Myles was still not familiar with and we had limited time left in the studio. It was perfect, so we shared the vocal. After the American tour ends, you are immediately heading over to Europe with Shinedown and Sevendust. We have many more fans there than we do here. Whereas, in the larger U. European audiences have sophisticated musical taste. There are a lot of great bands that do well over there, but not so great over here. In Europe, they like the strong vocalists and they like big guitar solos.

It was nuts being on that stage playing these songs you worked so hard on, backed by a piece orchestra. There were a lot of logistics involved, but when we found the Parallax Orchestra and heard what they were going to add to our songs, we fell in love with the idea. We headed into it all guns blazing and were happy we did it. It was a magical night. I had my family there and I had a bunch of friends who flew in from the States. Unless you were a part of it, it is impossible to explain how it felt. But it has been a slow climb. The last time we played in front 1, people in some places, this time it will be 1, people in those places.

It certainly has not changed overnight. But we enjoy it. We feel that we deserve what we have. We have played in each city so many times and these fans are not just going to go away.

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They are going to be here forever. Bands that have just one big hit, and are the flavor of the week, their fans are going to disappear on them. Alter Bridge has always grown, but it has never been easy. The first few years were particularly difficult. There have been a lot of changes in managers, business managers, and record labels. We were painted into a corner at our first label, Wind-Up Records.

Alter Bridge Release Fifth Track Off Upcoming Album “Walk The Sky”

We either had to buy our way off the label or kiss our career goodbye. When Wind-Up started it was perfect for me. The guy who started the label [the late Alan Meltzer] was passionate about music and put all his attention into getting this little band named Creed off the ground. Like any label, however, they eventually thought they were going to have success with every band they put out. Now that singer Scott Stapp is healthy and musically active, do you see Creed reuniting for a tour in the future?

You never know. It is a matter of timing. The next few years, however, will be all about Alter Bridge.

Walk On the Sky

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Features Buzz. When was it recorded? Each song sounds rich and layered. An ordinary producer-artist relationship. I assume that project will now go on hiatus. What if Walk the Sky has a life passed a year and a half?

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Well, that would be a good problem to have. How did you learn to write songs? How did that come together? If the opportunity presented it, would you do it again in the States?