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They saw it as a romantic figure, riding from the Black Sea to the Baltic. He cites Thutmose as one of his favorite artists, right up there with Goya, Manet, and Matisse. In the nineteen-fifties, when most of the serious art being done was abstract, Katz outraged scores of artists and formalist critics by inventing new ways to paint the human figure. He has always had his own direction, which has not been the direction of mainstream art in any of the last seven decades.

His confident, crisply articulated technique makes us see the world the way he sees it, clear and up close, with all but the most essential details pared away.

Dragon's Dogma

I refuse to make sincere art. Sincere art is art that relies on subject matter to carry it. And it shows! Katz, as critics have increasingly come to realize, is a very good painter. The composition is incredibly complex—with wonderfully fitted-together shapes, colors, tones, and value patterns, executed with effortless perfection. Gavin Brown, whose gallery Katz joined in , believes he can change that. On one of my visits to his studio, Katz let me watch him paint. The building has five floors, and when Katz and Ada moved into it, in , every floor was occupied illegally by an artist.

The law against living in industrial lofts was eased for artists in his neighborhood in Ada came out from the kitchen, calm and smiling and still beautiful, and considerably smaller than she appears in the many paintings her husband has made of her. The blank canvas that he was planning to work on was ten feet high and fourteen feet wide. Katz, who is lean, wiry, agile, and flawlessly bald, had prepared the two colors he was going to use, black and ultramarine blue, in aluminum pie plates, with a third plate for the thinning medium.

This was going to be a night painting, he explained, a landscape, something he had glimpsed through the rear window of his car when he was driving in the Pennsylvania countryside just before nightfall. The paint went on easily, in smooth, unhurried strokes, back and forth and diagonally.

See a Problem?

He came down, moved the platform a few feet to the left, and climbed up again to do the next part. Every now and then he paused to consult the smaller sketch, which he had with him on the platform, or the warmup canvas. He kept going back over the painted areas, to adjust the tone. The black was lustrous, somewhere between glossy and matte. He worked upward from the bottom until the only strip of bare canvas was a narrow, uneven gap between the two colors. Still using a big brush, but painting more slowly, he began to fill in that space. Barely discernible shapes and outlines emerged in a few places: tree branches against the night sky.

There was a sense of movement and distance. Katz was painting wet into wet, and not making mistakes.

Some of my favorite quotes

He stepped away from the canvas, about ten feet back. He got back up on the platform and worked for another twenty minutes, making deft finishing touches with a smaller brush. I asked Katz whether it was true that his father used to dive off bridges for money. On our block in Queens, they got up a petition not to sell houses to Negroes. Some high-school kids came and threw rocks at the house, so what does the he-man do?

Call the cops? He opened the door and charged them. He tackled the biggest guy, the fullback. Katz was born in A year later, the family moved from Brooklyn to St. Albans, in Queens, a mixed neighborhood of English, Irish, German, and Italian households with one other Jewish family, across the street.

The boys grew up largely on their own. As a child, he read a lot—fiction, poetry, the Book of Knowledge—and he drew all the time. He covered the stairwell wall with crayon drawings; his parents were surprised, but not angry, and the drawings stayed. When he was in second grade, he won the top prize in a citywide drawing contest for public-school children. His ambition was to be a commercial artist. He played a lot of basketball, made the track team, and became a very good social dancer and a snazzy dresser, with seven zoot suits in his closet.

The two boys were almost completely on their own after that. Two weeks before the accident, Alex had seen an ad for life insurance in the back of a comic book, he recalled, and on an impulse he had sent in the initial payment twenty-five cents on a policy for his father. My mother said I was born under a lucky moon. Katz joined the Navy at eighteen, to avoid being drafted.

It was , and the war was nearly over. He shipped out on a converted luxury liner that went to Marseilles, then back to North America, through the Panama Canal, and across the Pacific to Honolulu and Tokyo. The teaching was doctrinaire modernism—Cubism, Bauhaus design, and the inexorable triumph of abstract art—none of which impressed Katz.

Without Dogma by Henryk Sienkiewicz - Full Text Free Book (Part 4/8)

By using the phrasing " not to be," I hear the implied message he doesn't like his own behavior and thinking. Assuming he's genuine, I don't think I hear "how do I conceal my narcisism. I don't know him, so I'll give the benefit of the doubt. I admit to being unable to find the value in attacking him in lieu of your ex as any sort of benefit to either of you.

Just my opinion. A wholly unnecessary attack. This person is self-aware and wishes to do better. One shouldn't reward their insight with abuse. I don't particularly like this article, myself. I don't like lumping psychopathy and narcissism together as if they are the same merely because the outward expression often looks similar. A narcissist is usually someone whose psyche was damaged by others in some way, rather than being broken from birth like a psychopath.

Narcissism can be handled with therapy and the person can heal and be good to others, but a psychopath will never be. To lump them together is to condemn the narcissist when they could still redeem themselves. That doesn't excuse taking out your understandably-lingering pain on someone who seems genuine in their desire to be a better person.

Also, it's not quite so simple as "grow up", unfortunately. A lot of the behaviors of a narcissist are nigh-unconscious, automatic, learned behaviors they had to develop as a child to deal with psychological damage that was being done to them at the time.

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Children very easily develop abandonment issues and that is often, in my experience, the root of narcissism. They end up trying to be a star so that everyone will pay attention to them, and they end up believing their own hype, and all long before an age where they can self-analyze, so these things become ingrained and automatic.

There's a deep sadness in most of their pasts. It doesn't excuse the harm they do as a result, at least not if they are adults and aware of their own ways, but it does explain it in a way that makes it feel less personal and less arbitrary.

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Comments like these just proves that the article was right and is a sign that the article just revealed something that narcissists tries so hard to hide Thank you for defining some characteristics, apparently these terms mentioned have been utilized in wrong contexts at times. It's always good to have a better perspective.

These are the worst type of 'people' ever. They NEVER change either as they assume there is something wrong with everyone else, it's not them that is the problem. They are exhausting, shallow, manipulative and just don't care about anything except themselves. But first call them out on all their bs, tear off all the masks and leave them a shell of their former selves. This describes a lot of humans. I think the problem is bigger but simply more apparent in the alpha ass-holes at the fringes.

You learned a lot for your sorrow and pain and can pass it on to others. I felt better to say less and not hurt anyone. But a little needy We can learn, but sometimes too late. I would have gladly taken any social advice from any well-meaning person. Men I dated felt beter to walk away thean to say anythig. That's life. You are not a narcissist.

A narcissist is someone who actively takes pleasure in hurting someone. It is good you realized some social skills you can improve. That is all you can do, learn and be more mind ful going forward. Amen to this. My mother in law is a full blown narcissist. She is so gross in her behavior. I wonder if these narcs know everyone secretly hates them. I am trapped for life having to deal with her.

I try and just avoid her when I can. I am not a daughter in law but the other woman of course. It would be nice to see her get her just desserts from all the years of nastiness to people! Front row seat please.. Expectant moms may fear seeking treatment for opioid use disorder. A recent review highlights a need for more rigorous testing of treatments. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. The Positives of Dyslexia.

Twilight of the Stanford Prison Experiment. Internal Memes: Parasites and Predators of the Mind. Kaja Perina Brainstorm. Ever think that some people might do this without malintent? Hmmmm Submitted by Peter on December 8, - pm. I Submitted by Kwirky on December 15, - am. I disagree Submitted by Citro on December 17, - am.

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I see myself in there somewhere Submitted by Mike Rofone on December 8, - pm. Reply Submitted by Sincerely on December 13, - am. You forgot one thing Submitted by Citro on December 17, - am. Good info. Submitted by Sincerely on December 13, - am. Anonymous wrote:. This Submitted by Citro on December 17, - am. There's a difference between autistic people and narcissists.

I should have said that autistic people can do this also except there's a difference. Empathy Submitted by Layperson on December 13, - am. Thanks Mike Rofone, my 24 Submitted by j. Agree with above posters Submitted by Crock Rockson on December 9, - am.

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  • Wholly generalist and sexist writing,not worth reading. I agree Submitted by This Guy on April 16, - am. Comments like this that I undermining the credibility of this article makes me laugh. Pop psych. Submitted by This Guy on December 17, - pm. No, OP is completely right. Submitted by ASDthrowaway on June 14, - am.

    The article is not about autistic people Submitted by Spectrum on September 23, - pm. Narc or psychopath? Submitted by Estelle on December 9, - am. I understand what you are Submitted by Brian on December 10, - pm. Great note! Submitted by Gino Pi on December 18, - am. Submitted by Therese on December 11, - am. Your post Submitted by Sally Hansen on October 16, - pm. Submitted by say so on December 9, - am. Submitted by Mike Rofone on December 11, - pm. Say, The term is not "narcist"; it's "narcissist".

    Mike Submitted by Citro on December 17, - am. The question of Submitted by say so on December 10, - am. No Obligation? Is this a mirror I see? Submitted by Felice on December 18, - am. Mike, I have little of use to add to your comment, but I have to tell you Beg to differ Submitted by Sincerely on December 13, - am. Do you think you could write Submitted by Help on December 10, - am. I mean, only if you want to write it and stuff. Submitted by M. Whoa Nelly Submitted by Kwirky on December 15, - am.

    Without giving examples of what a "grown up" looks like, how does this help the person asking? Agreed, Kwirky Submitted by Felice on December 18, - am. Haha Submitted by Citro on December 17, - am. Submitted by Strawberry on December 12, - am. Agreed Submitted by L on December 12, - pm. That is not a waste. You made the right choice. I am sorry you had to go through that.

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    Showing Rating details. Sort order. This is a very sweet book for all the dog lovers out there! The photos are so cute and the words you won't soon forget. It's a great book to give as gift for the holidays or just to someone who loves dogs. This is a perfect book for dog lovers. The pictures of all the dogs are adorable. Not much in words and descriptions, but the pictures are worth a look.