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And how right she was; any Dom not respecting a submissive's right to use her safe word or neglects her hard limits are what I call 'fake Doms' and far from deserving the submission of these subs. But Gage gets it reluctantly from Kayla, and I wonder, even while she feels as strongly as she does, would she still feel the same way if another man would have done everything right and catered to her darkest desires?

I despised Gage's tactics - they are deplorable, yet I can't hate the man after everything he's gone through in life. Karma truly is a monster when you do the things you do, and seeing it happen did give me some satisfaction. My curiosity on this couple's development is so great that I have to keep reading to find out what will happen - I just hope that there is some humanity in this man that will redeem him in the end.

The last thing she ever expected was for either men to show up at her doorstep within a day from one another and forced to chose between them. Only Kayla's obsession is there any other way to describe it with the Gage makes her feel and the glimpse of the man living inside the 'monster' makes the decision a little easier, even if she's still in love with the high school sweetheart, Ian.

Just like with the first installment, The Devil's Claim kept me at the edge of my seat and mostly by morbid curiosity - what would Gage do to have and keep Kayla by his side? Just when you think he's redeemed himself, he does something so incredibly cruel that goes beyond his sadistic nature that makes me want to hate him all over again. The worst part was watching Kayla forgive him again for the physical and emotional pain he dealt her, promising to be better if only he'll agree to a few of her terms. Can I consider this abuse? To many degrees, no, and I know many will disagree, mostly because what Kayla goes through, she agrees to it.

But I cannot be alright with the way Gage exercises his dominance over Kayla, and I hope that their relationship gets better and on more stable and safe ground. Another year has gone by since Kayla's marriage and I could literally feel and breathe the tension that is living with these two. It's so thick you'd swear that you could cut it with a knife. Gage's restrictions, rules and possessiveness hits an all time high that brings Kayla to her breaking point and hides a terrible secret that leads her to make a worst mistake when she learns of Ian's condition.

I have to hand it to Gemma James: she truly knows how to keep her readers hooked to the point of wanting to know more about this couple despite the things Gage puts Kayla through. For sure the way these two are together, when they are connected, is something that anyone would strive for, but the way Gage punishes Kayla My heart is still furiously beating because of it, unable to comprehend how Kayla survived it, even more so wanting to stay.

Is there, at this point, any way to save Gage? I can't be sure, but one thing I am certain about is that maybe, just maybe, the next installment will give me the answers i need. One thing is for certain, she doesn't disappoint and even goes that extra step by creating a shattered world when you least expect it. Like in true Gage and Kayla fashion, things between these two always reach a boiling point where Kayla questions if staying is the safest and more sane answer in protecting herself. Sometimes, I have to admit, that it sounds like the more reasonable thing to do - and then Gage opens his heart and soul and then I remember that here is a man hiding behind the cold demeanor.

From everything I've seen so far of Kayla, I never expected it possible and even more so difficult following Katherine's confession. Truthfully, I often wondered how they could make it together after everything they've gone through, what they will go through and all of their insecurities that pose and individual problem, and yet, they keep surprising me. My personal opinion of Gage's tactics still hasn't changed from the very beginning, but I've come to understand him as a man.

I really am glad that I took the time to read this series since Gemma James is a force to be reckoned with. Finally I truly had the chance to understand the man that had me hot and cold. Okay so I don't normally read BDSM books or dark'ish books, but I have to say that this one captured me and kept me going from the start.

I just didn't get the whole she had to trust him and give herself totally over to him and him not so much. Some parts where a bit just too much for me. It took me a while to get into it, but once I got there I couldn't stop. I have to say that I really didn't Okay so I don't normally read BDSM books or dark'ish books, but I have to say that this one captured me and kept me going from the start. I have to say that I really didn't like Gage, seriously.

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I though he was cold and demanding and just to much for me. But what I have to say is that his feelings for Kayla and her daughter is what won me over and only just just. Kayla, I wanted to shake her myself a few times. I wanted her to be more assertive and own up to being her own person. Not that I would know And please I am not saying this is a bad book or you wont like it, for me it was just not something that appealed to me, like I said some parts where just a bit too much for me. I read the whole thing, even though I didn't really like it. Don't get me wrong, I like my erotica black.

The seduction of the story wasn't there. There was no literary foreplay to tease the reader. I am not talking about seduction in the naughty parts themselves, but the overall story. Not the book for me. This is about coercion, force, rape, and blackmail. I finished this set three days ago and I couldn't really decide which way to go with the actual review.

The writing was very good and the plot was entertaining.

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When it pissed me off to no end and I wanted to toss my kindle, I was drawn into yet another twist. The characters were by far more complex than I'm used to, which is good, but I didn't like them. There was no love to hate Gage. I just hated him. His saving grace for me was that he loved Kayla and her daughter unconditionally - although po I finished this set three days ago and I couldn't really decide which way to go with the actual review.

His saving grace for me was that he loved Kayla and her daughter unconditionally - although possessively, which usually works for me, but he lost my trust as a Dom and NEVER gained it back.

Twice, he went overboard and still he demanded her trust. No, that's not how it works. I did like that they made their own rules and didn't let society establish the bounds of their relationship, but Kayla I thought Kayla would be submissive and still be Not the case.

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She was a contortionist when it came to bending to his will, which is usually how it works, but I couldn't get into it with him. Even when Gage was dead wrong, she still bent to his will. I get it, the relationship between the Dom and Sub determine the dynamics, but he was dead wrong on a lot of occasions, he seriously hurt her on some occasions, and she gave token protests.

She was indebted to him and then she fell in love with him, which was absolutely beautiful when he made her happy, but I couldn't get past him losing control. Also, he threatened her with Katherine when he got mad about Ian, but I kept wondering where was the comparison since Ian was her first love and she never stopped loving him as opposed to Katherine basically being a tryst for him? And then his secret with Katherine came to light and showed the comparison.

No trust. Yes, she had secrets and tried to keep things from him, but she always confessed, even when she knew he would go ballistic. A Sub is supposed to trust their Dom and I couldn't see that with them my opinion, even though the story was written to show that she forgave him and trusted him , it just wasn't realistic. Overall, I would probably read more by this author because the writing was good, the plot was intriguing, and the pace never died down, but I couldn't get by no longer trusting him.

It soured the book for me. The story was a lot deeper than I remembered. Kayla is particularly annoying and intriguing. I understand the reason's behind what got her into the mess she's in but I have how weak she comes off as. Gage is a character that confuses the bleep outta me. The guy is cruel, mean, and cold. However, there is something really appealing about him, something that grabs you and makes you want to get to know him and like him, even when he's given you no reason at all to do so. There are some circumstances and situations that really left me reeling and unsure of the story and how to continue on The characters and the author have left me no choice.

I need to know what comes next, what happens. The Devil's Claim book 2 Rating: 3 stars for a little bit I struggled with what rating to give this story, you see, there's a lot I really liked and a lot I really struggled with. The storyline picks up from where book one left off. The pace is pretty steady, the authors writing captivating. Did not like: - Ian, I get he was supposed to be the "good guy" but, to me, he was just this very immature idiot that wouldn't just take a damn hint even when it was smacking him in the face. Seriously, in real life, this type of stuff will get you locked up, but this is a fictional book, so There are moments in the story where I have to take a moment and remember this is all "make-believe".

But there is a lot that bothers me about Gage's actions and behavior and the fact it's labeled BDSM, but I do appreciate that the author through Gage acknowledges this. I really love that Kayla isn't exactly what I first thought, she isn't a doormat. Gage may be this all-consuming man but she still stands up for herself and gives him the whats what, even if she is doing it for the punishment. This story keeps me intrigued and entertained, I want to know what comes next, what will happen with Kayla, with Gage, with their relationship.

There's more to be revealed about Gage. The Devil's Wife book 4 Rating: 4 stars Holy mother of all emotional rollercoaster. Gage, Gage, Gage the bastard just makes me hate him and love him all at once. Kayla, she's such a complex character, a strong independent woman that has to bend to the will of the man she loves because it's what she wants and she doesn't particularly like it.

I'm hooked! On to the next one. The Devil's Spawn book 4 Rating: 5 stars This ending was spectacular! When I first began reading this series it was a while ago There's a fine line between that relationship and abuse, Gage tended to blur those lines many times. This story isn't going to be one of those stories that are meant for everyone. It will push your boundaries, push your comfort, and make you question everything you believe in.

This isn't a fairytale, not a girl meets a nice boy and they live happily ever after story. This is the story that will tear your soul apart, it will make you hate the "hero", make you hate the "heroine" and at the same time you'll root for them, you will love them. I know I did. This author delves into the dark, she pokes and prods at it without shame or fear, it is exhilarating.

The Box Set Rating: 4. This story was intense, the box set made it easier for me to keep reading and staying hooked on the story and the characters. The writing was spectacular, the author's way of telling this story was incredible. She didn't shy away from the ugly and I appreciated that. I highly recommend this, but know that it isn't a story for everyone, not a story for those of you that aren't willing to set aside your beliefs and read it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This is going to be a hard review for me, only because I can not do it with out giving away spoilers, So if you are reading this review do not go further if you do not want to review spoilers book 1 - I like to read bdsm novel, captive, fifty shades, crossfire, this man, etc..

I do not like this series, Gage is pure ignorant there is nothing sweet about him at all. I like the alpha male, control freak when they get a weak spot for female, Gage character is rough, no love with him at all. I feel this was written to try to hard, I think this series would of been a good read if Gage character had a heart. It is a very hard story for me to read, The whole story plot makes me so mad I can not enjoy the story, I am only going to finish reading because I started it.

The Devil's Grip | Book by Neal Drinnan | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster AU

I have never read one like this it is different from others i have read, and lastly the pregnancy scene, what he did when he told her, Gage character is not a love able alpha control freak his character is very hateful The title definitely fits the book, but this books makes me so sick! The plot is pretty generic; rich guy control freak and desperate easy to influence woman.

In book 1, Kayla agrees a contract with Gage, which involves Gage blackmailing and all access to her sexually - I'm understand the rape point from other reviewers, and it helps to set the theme of the book. Gage has control requirements, which come across as sifling. Kayla is unable to resist temptation and seems to be stuck in the past, when it comes to her opinion on Ian. This doesn't help Gage lighten up on his control aspects.

Some elements of the story seemed rushed and lacked context, i. Gage past and understanding his issues, was just skimmed, so we really didn't have a reason to go easy on him. The saga of Gage, Ian, Liz and Elizabeth, gosh this could have this own book! The Circle sex club appears pretty much at the end, no mention previously and just seems to be a bunch of blokes sat around smoking cigars, whilst degrading their wives, where's the fun.

Overall, the story is worth a read. It will stir for feelings of frustration, as both Gage and Kayla act like idiots at times. There is a lot of repetitive sex and a few instances of Gage bullying other people to his submission. It's not the best dark erotic book, far from it. I was not stirred or tingled in anyway about the plot, which is unusual.

Although they reached their HEA. This is my first GJ read and it was ok. I'm pleased I opted for the full series download to complete the saga. I expect I would have given up at book1, if I individually purchased the books. It's a worthy 3. Kayla Sutton is desperate. Her daughter is ill and she needs money for her treatment. She misappropriates money from her employer. When Gage Channing, her boss, discovers her theft he forces her to choose: jail or submit to him.

Kayla agrees to sexually submission. And oh boy there is BDSM. There is trauma, abuse, violence, degradation, evil twists, turns and surprises. I love dark reads and I love this book. Thank you Gemma James. The Devil's Claim plays with fear, longing, arousal and much pain. I dug the premise and the action scenes, but there were so many references to past adventures an Before I downloaded this from Netgalley, I had only quickly read the description.

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I dug the premise and the action scenes, but there were so many references to past adventures and characters redmouths, the Jersey Devil that it was hard for me to get connected to the story. I'm sure there are some wonderful uber character arcs happening across this trilogy, but coming in late to the game, I only saw that final bit and it wasn't as satisfying.

Or as scary. Instead, I just thought, "Huh? What the deal with these guys? Are they monsters or something? Thanks to the author and NetGalley for granting me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Jul 12, Jay Williams rated it it was amazing. The monster series ends with a bang! As the story unfolds, the origin of the Barwick Beast and the Minnesota Redmouths becomes clear, and fresh monsters are encountered. The characters continue to be real and deep. The suspense grows as both human and supernatural monsters menace Ben and L The monster series ends with a bang!

The suspense grows as both human and supernatural monsters menace Ben and Lindsey who have entered the camp undercover. All blows up at the end as Drexler uses the blood of his son to conjure the ultimate demon. The real evil lies in the humans. The writing is clear and follows a chronological timeline. Violence is well-described but not too graphic. Definitely read the Beast of Barwick and Northwoods first to fully appreciate this excellent final chapter Oct 30, Veronica rated it liked it. I really enjoy Bill Schweigart's books and especially looked forward to this series.

I always love reading books about cryptozoological creatures and really liked this series and hoped for more. This last book was interesting but didn't quite draw me in as much as the first two books in the trilogy did. I am hoping that the author will one day do another trilogy with Ben, Lindsay, Alex. May 15, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley-read , netgalley-kept. While both of them was five stars this one is a 4. It was a good ending to a really good series and I well still be picking up the books but the other 2 will always be my favorite ones. With that said I would love to think NetGalley for giving me a chance at reading the last book in a series I love.

Jul 11, Alison rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , contemporary , horror , mystery , tower-team-v. Bigger, better maybe? I'm really going to miss Ben and Lindsay but I honestly don't know how Schweigart could possibly top that. Note: as this is the third book in the series this review contains spoilers for the previous stories.

You would think by now that people would know better tha 4. You would think by now that people would know better than to venture into the woods at night particularly when there are rumors of something lurking. However that is just how this story begins. It's an echo back to the first two books where yet again there is a monster just waiting for someone to come close enough. After this chilling and slightly gruesome beginning the story slows right back down as we catch up with our group of monster hunters.

Ben and Lindsay are trying and largely failing to settle back into a semi normal life after the events of the previous book while wealthy cryptozoologist Richard Severence may have found love. Severence discovers however that his old mentor Henry Drexler has appeared in the Jersey Pine Barrons, in a private compound that welcomes all, providing they are Neo Nazi, racist militants.

The Devil's Kiss

When Severence begins to suspect that there may be something in the woods around the complex he suspects that Drexler may have used his research to summon a monster. Ben and Lindsay are sent in undercover to try and figure out what's really happening. I absolutely adore the partnership between Ben and Lindsay so having them go undercover as a couple was definitely the highlight of the story for me.

It's not necessarily the most exciting part of the story, and there's very little in the way of horror if that's what you're looking for although there are some sudden and violent deaths but honestly I could quite happily read pages of Lindsay and Ben bantering in the pub can we get that book please Mr Schweigart? I did however really enjoy their undercover investigation. There's something fascinating about cults which is essentially what it is and leader Henry Drexler is a wonderfully complex character. Outwardly friendly and approachable and extremely charismatic there's something very dodgy about him.

There are also a number of different factions within the camp which make it difficult to know what to think. The build up in tension is very gradual but the climax of the story is incredible in its scale. I won't say too much but if the first book was a neighbourhood, the second a town I think you can guess what comes next.

With it being the third and final book too you know that there is no character who is safe and I spent most of my time worrying they'd meet their end. One thing you do know for certain is that you can expect the unexpected and the author definitely has some surprises up his sleeve. The end of the book is absolutely action packed but for me it was actually the earlier parts of the story that worked better. What I love in a horror story is not the gruesome murders, the violence and the blood and gore but the creep factor and it's the first part that's by far the creepiest. Once the monster comes out of the dark it's always a lot less scary.

What always works best for me in this series is the characters. Ben is the every man character. He doesn't have any real skills, he puts his foot in his mouth and offends just about everyone he meets but there's something very likeable about him. Lindsay is a zoologist, so is definitely more qualified than Ben but is developing a bit of an attitude as a result of her experiences.

They complement each other wonderfully and while Ben would probably like the relationship to go in a romantic direction they've become almost like family. The whole team in fact are becoming almost like family and I love the way they bicker and argue but always have each others backs. I am sad this series has ended as I loved the characters so much but it's probably right that it finished the way it did. It was the perfect send off.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC. As always all views are my own. Jul 11, Vera mallard rated it really liked it. Once more they are all facing monsters and death. Drexler takes in everyone, as long as, they are racists, white power neo Nazis'. Realizing Drexler probably summoned the past monsters they battled, Richard must send in Lindsay and Ben incognito to find as much information as they can. Between the black uniformed guards, neo Nazis crazies, and Drexler's sociopath son, they will find information does not come easy.

But when found, it's terrible and frightening, as monsters resident in the Pine Barren. The first part of the book shows the inhuman side of humanity in all his prejudices and cruelties. Drexler, his Nazis roots, and the scum he has by his side, capture the attention of the reader as Schweigart led Lauren and Ben though their mission in the encampment. As the action heats up, we find Lauren and Ben in the middle of a boiling caldron of evil.

I found this book paced a little slower than the first two books. Yet with twists and turns, plots and subplots, Schweigart held my attention. Schweigart answers questions which we ask ourselves in the first two books and brings to a successful concludes the who, what, when, and how mystery of the monsters. I found The Devil's Colony a solid mystery horror book with a well-developed story-line and believable characters. In the acknowledgments, Schweigart states: "The Devil's Colony is their last ride".

I hated to say goodbye to all the characters I came to know so well; I had cheered them on through 3 books, watched them suffer and survive, and watched each one grow and mature throughout the books. Am I sad to see them go; yes, but I am sure Schweigart has something just as good in store for us. Although a standalone book, I would suggest reading the entire series, as it will increase your enjoyment and understanding of the story-line and characters.

Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions. In addition, the ARC did not affect my voluntary book revie Jul 09, Jessica rated it liked it. Monsters, skinheads, "a chilling decent into horror and human depravity". Sign me up! The only problem was that I didn't realize this was book three in a trilogy - I found this out halfway through the book, too. By his side are Lindsay Clark zoologist and Richard Severance cryptozoologist. They're about to face their hardest challenge! Drexler used to be Serverance's mentor, and his research could have potentially summoned a monster to the Pine Barrens.

While there, they learn that the most evil monsters lurk inside the human heart. So, while the premise was good I was completely lost in some points in the novel. Since I'm on book three of a trilogy - and it's not the type of detective series where they could be standalones - I was missing a lot of references and character development. So that definitely ruined the flow of the book and there were probably some events that lost some significance because I wasn't clued in.

The horror element was there and the compound was really interesting to go through and see how Ben and Lindsay tried to blend in. The writing was great and the horror was there. I'd highly recommend reading the first two in the trilogy if this one sounds appealing to you!

I wish this was better marked to make it clear it was book three. I give this 3. Big thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. Aug 06, Susan rated it it was amazing. The team gathered by Richard Severance is called into action. They are protectors not quacks as they have been called by tv reporters. Richard has had a meeting with his old mentor Henry Drexler.

Drexler's father was a Nazi SS colornel charged with finding out the truth of folktales, fairy tales and myths to find occult weapons for the German Reich. He was stranded in Pine Barrens, New Jersey when the war ended. Henry and Richard ended their meeting as enemies not as the friends they once were. Henry says monsters are "in the light, not shadows. Henry has made a sanctuary for neo-nazis, skinheads, etc. It is called Valkommen. It is isolated and self-sufficient People are flowing into the compound. Richard's team decides to send Ben and Lindsey to the compound undercover to learn what Henry is planning.

Will they be able to find out or will they be discovered as spies? This suspenseful novel kept me on the edge of my seat while reading. There is more than just a horror story in that you see the horror in human hearts while also discovering that monsters do exist that aren't human.

There are surprises and a few twists and turns that I didn't expect. Sadly, this is the final book of the trilogy written by the author. I hope he changes his mind and writes more about this team of protectors. I was not obliged to write a favorable review, or even any review at all. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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  • Jul 02, Marissa rated it liked it Shelves: horror , netgalley. The Devil's Colony is the third installment of Schweigart's monster hunting trilogy. There are a lot of references to events from the first two books, so it's recommended that readers interested in this book go back and read the first two books. This one takes place in a neo-Nazi settlement located in the Pine Barrens. The neighborly thing would be to pull over and ask the man if he needed help. But Pax was running late, so late. He fixed his eyes on the road outside his windshield, pretending not to see the man, and blew past without touching his brakes.

    The old Ford Tempo shuddered beneath him as he took the next curve. The two-lane highway snaked through dense walls of green, the trees leaning into the road. After so long in the north everything seemed too lush, too overgrown. Turn your back and the plants and insects would overrun everything. His stomach burned from too much coffee, too little food, and the queasy certainty that he was making a mistake.

    The funeral was on Saturday morning. Pax deleted the message but spent the rest of the week listening to it replay in his head. Dreading a follow-up call. Then two a. It was Jo who told him not to worry about it, everybody was late for their own funeral. Jo was the clever one, the verbal one. The barbed wire fence that used to mark the border was gone. The cement barriers had been pushed to the roadside.

    But the little guard shack still stood beside the road like an outhouse, abandoned and drowning in kudzu. He crested the hill, scanning the foliage to his right, and still almost missed it. He braked hard and turned into a narrow gravel drive that vanished into the trees.

    Devil in popular culture

    The wheels jounced over potholes and ruts, forcing him to slow down. Each object seemed strange, then abruptly familiar, then hopelessly strange again-shifting and shifty. The road came out of the trees at the top of a hill. He braked to a stop, put the car in park. The engine threatened to die, then fell into an unsteady idle.

    A few hundred yards below lay the cemetery, the red-brick church, and the gravel parking lot half-full of cars. Satellite trucks from two different television stations were there. In the cemetery, the funeral was already in progress. You can read the full chapter excerpt online HERE. A brilliant debut novel from a rising star in fantasy and science fiction, Pandemonium is a wild ride through the American cultural landscape. Ordinary men, women, and children are the targets of entities that seem to spring from the depths of the collective unconscious, pop-cultural avatars that some call demons.

    The Captain, brave and self-sacrificing soldier. The Little Angel, whose kiss brings death, whether desired or not.