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A Vampire's Love

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Tristan is flying high. His mate is perfect, from Conlin's fiery spirit to the man's newfound love of being bound by Tristan in the bedroom. Unfortunately, there are two things trying to hinder their blooming love, Conlin's irritating friend, Ghost, and some evil presence in the area.

Something wicked is afoot. Will Tristan be able to save Conlin from the being that wants him dead? David has his hands full with the growing insurgency, but he takes in a broken-down woman, a musician in need of supernatural guidance. Little does he know that Miranda Grey has the power to change his world as well.

The Detective's Vampire Mate [Vamp Mates 5]

In this world, the vampires are divided into 27 territories around the globe, each ruled by a Prime. Although humans and vampires exist together in the mortal world, they live separate lives, with humans mostly unaware of the vampires and their Shadow World, and vampires interacting with humans only for nourishment. Primes are powerful male vampires, identified by the Signet each one wears around his neck—a huge ruby.

Primes are actually chosen by the Signets. If the right vampire hangs the Signet around his neck, the ruby flashes, signaling that he is indeed the Prime. If a Prime's Signet flashes when he meets a particular woman, that woman becomes his Queen and his soul mate, and she wears a matching Signet.

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Here, a Prime explains to his newly discovered—and very nervous—Queen that the Signets "are a badge of office to show the world who the strongest vampires are, but they choose their bearers themselves. It's magic as old as the world—there are even some vague references from biblical times. When a Signet finds its Prime, it flashes and continues to glow Although this series may turn out to be urban fantasy one hint: the heroine is a redhead—de rigueur for UF , at this point I'm calling it SMR PNR because the first two books focus on the Miranda-David relationship.

She came back from the brink of insanity after being sexually assaulted by a group of men in an alley. She spent the next year fighting depression and despair, learning to control her empathic gift, and generally putting herself back together. She is an independent young woman, courageous, and somewhat hot-headed; she leaps before looking sometimes and has little patience for injustice, assholes, or stupidity. Years of depression have left her with a tendency toward melancholy and occasional bouts of self-pity she struggles to overcome.

She has developed a surprising capacity for forgiveness to keep her empathy from driving her mad again.