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Bookkeeper Controller. Financial Analyst Independent Business Owners. Logistician Tax Accountant. Food Preparation Worker. Head Cook. Customer Service Electrical Engineering. After Nabucco I, a quick death was to be welcomed with open arms. The Supreme Court was where dreams were shattered for any man who dared to oppose the iron rule of Axia. Dreams of liberty, dreams of truth, dreams of fairness, none had any place here.

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This was their law, the only law, Axian law. The doors opened slowly, with a heavy, ponderous solemnity as if to set the tone for what was to come. They were emblazoned with the dreaded symbol of the Axian Legions. The Sword of Axia, loved and welcomed by some, feared and loathed by others. The guards pushed Blas forward, he heard the clink of chains as Rusal and Smetana were dragged along behind him.

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He almost fell but managed to regain his balance as they began the slow walk towards their destiny. His Rescom uniform was ragged and dirty after months of imprisonment, his arms and legs held by steel shackles, but he resolved to keep his head high. He knew the man in the center, recognized his face from the newscasts, as did every citizen of the Nine Systems.

Grand Pasha Merca Gluck, the paunchy High Prophet of Axia, his cold, fleshy face set in his customary haughty expression.

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There was something unsettling about Gluck, his white corpse-like skin and hooked nose prominent on his face. But it was his black, staring eyes that best caught the attention of those who stood before him. They were the eyes of a fanatic. His hair was hidden underneath a turban, on his chin he displayed a small, pointy beard. When he gesticulated with his hands Blas noted they were small and feminine. When he returned home, there was nothing left, nothing recognizable. Only a pile of fused and melted rubble that was the tomb of his family. During the long months of captivity, his hopeless dream of wreaking revenge on this brutal dictator had burned inside him like a furnace.

He looked again at Gluck. Dying would be a price worth paying to settle that particular score. All three were wearing their formal religious robes, the pure silk, yellow candoras of the Axian Supreme Leadership with the black jeweled turban that denoted the highest rank. Dating back to some long forgotten age, it meant that the finest, most expensive silks, specially dyed yellow and bejeweled, were reserved for the sole use of the High Prophets.

Lesser mortals had to be content with fabrics that are were commonplace. Why should the general population wish for more?

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Sitting at a table separate from the judges sat Secretary Shemal Kerawan, his lean, swarthy face set in a perpetual frown. He was very tall, dominating the court with his height, although his body was excessively thin and slightly stooped, making him resemble a preying insect.

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Yet his physique still looked wiry, as if he possessed hidden strengths. Kerawan was known in the Axian hierarchy as a man to treat with extreme care. As a man to fear. A story of treachery, betrayal, ambition and power with fleets of ships that clash in the blackness of space. It is a saga of the politics that have built and destroyed empires since the very dawn of man. Yet ultimately it is a story as old as life itself.


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