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The Box Office is open every day Monday to Saturday from am to pm , and an hour before performances start. Outside these opening hours, messages can be left on our voicemail. See our Terms and Conditions for Ticket Sales.

TSOL - Dance with Me - LP+ – Rough Trade

Wheelchair designated spaces are available at the rear of the auditorium and are available by contacting the Box Office. Patrons who wouldn't be able to attend the theatre without accompaniment are eligible for one free companion ticket, these also can only be booked via Box Office. See Accessibility for more information. Rows showing an extra seat in the centre block are raised.

See Getting Here for more information on how to find us. Malay Mahukah saudari menari dengan saya?

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Maldivian Mashaa eku nashaanantha? Manx Gaelic By vie lhiat daunsey lhiam?

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Ta nadtai bujiglemeer baina uu? Ndebele Northern - Zimbabwe Uyafuna ukugida lami? Northern Sotho Na o ka rata go tantsha le nna? Norwegian Skal vi danse? Papiamento Bo lo kier baila cumi?

TOKYO (11 a.m.)

Dance comigo! Xotite potantsevat'? Scots Will ye dance wi me? Scottish Gaelic A bheil thu 'g iarraidh a dhanns? Mogu li da dobijem ovaj ples? Shona Ungande kutamba? Ci vulissi abballari cu mia? Zatancovali by ste si so mnou? Zatancujete si? Somali Ma ciyaaraysaa? Swahili Tucheze ngoma? Utapenda kudansi? Swazi Ungatsandza yini kujayiva nami?

Dance With Me!

Ungatsandza yini kutovocavoca nami? Swedish Vill du dansa med mig? May I?

Tongan Teke lava tauolunga mo au? Tsonga Ungaswitsakela ku cina na mina xana Tsotsil Chak to'ox ak'otajuk xchu'uk jo'on? Uzbek Men bilan raqsga tushmaysizmi?

WALK THE MOON - Shut Up and Dance (Official Video)

Welsh Dach chi isio dawnsio h efo fi? Wolof Buga nga fecc? Ndax beugue nga fecc ak man?

Dance With Me

Xhosa Ungathanda ukudanisa nam? Zulu Uthanda ukudansa nami? Interlingua Amarea vos dansar con me? Vos placerea dansar con me? Klingon mamI' DaneH'a'? Other phrases Welcome Hello How are you? Long time no see What's your name? Where are you from? I understand I don't understand Please speak more slowly Please say that again Please write it down Do you speak English? Do you speak? How do you say Speak to me in Excuse me How much is this? Sorry Please Thank you Where's the toilet?

Do you come here often? I miss you I love you Get well soon Go away! Leave me alone! Call the police! Arabic Egyptian. Arabic Lebanese. Bt7ebb ter2os ma3i? Arabic Modern Standard. Armenian Eastern. Armenian Western. Apni amar sange nachben - frm. Da li si za ples? Gusto ka makigsayaw kanako? Quiere usted baila conmigo?

Chinese Cantonese.

Veja também

Bi li htio plesati sa mnom? Wil je met me dansen? Voudriez-vous danser avec moi? Greek Ancient. Greek Modern. Vuole ballare con me? Tia nako ni mwaie Motioning with both hands in a giving manner in front of them will also work without words. Mahukah saudari menari dengan saya? Mashaa eku nashaanantha?