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Save for Later. About this Item Hardcover - in Norwegian clean, no marks, clean inside, clean dustjacket - ["Sven Dysthe: Roald Rachlew Dysthe born was a Norwegian businessperson and acquitted Nazi collaborator. Around they were involved in a major public case. On 4 May they wrote a letter to the government, complaining that Vinmonopolet disfavorized their father's wine importing agency. A scrutiny commission was set up to review Vinmonopolet's business practice. Vinmonopolet also sued the Dysthe brothers to have the complaints declared null and void, but a year later, in April , Vinmonopolet lost the legal case.

The case became a major scandal as Vinmonopolet's role was unveiled. A total of 5, copies were printed; Woods notes that 3, were sold at 18 shillings before June , when the book was re-issued as a cheap edition, priced at 7s.

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Arms and the Covenant is an important collection of Churchill's speeches, , warning of the dangers Current Combat Leaflets. Paris : Extremely uncommon internal psyops production, classified "Restricted", and numbered 36 in an unstated print-run. Munich : First edition of this stereographically illustrated popular account of the invasion of Poland. A superb example retaining the flimsy, rather dull, and consequently rarely encountered jacket.

50 Soccer Players Who Served in War Time

The Soldier's Art. A Novel. London : First edition, first impression. Presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, "Arthur from Tony. Hands across the sea.

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Schlesinger, Jr. Approach March. Inscribed by the author "Hugh, in friendship, Julian, 30 November " on the title-page. He was also of a highly romantic disposition, Very Ordinary Seaman. London : First edition, first impression of what is generally considered one of the finest accounts of life at sea in the Second World War. A fictionalised but accurate account, based on the author's experiences in a destroyer on the Murmansk run. London : The British Library records three issues between and This highly detailed map ,, ; 1 in.

London : First editions, each in a signed edition limited of copies of which just 30 were in the full binding as here, copies 16 and 25 respectively.

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  • This tiny force was sent from Palestine to Baghdad to deal with the effects Advance to Barbarism. Appleton, WI : Second, expanded edition. Presentation copy from the author, inscribed on the half-title, "To R. Paget, Q. Photograph album: "Thoughts on Military Life" title in Japanese.

    Images show his family and friends; his well-appointed room with stacked arms; group portraits of cadets; the buildings Ammunition Manufacturing Report No. Construction Progress … First Report. Nanping, Manchukuo : An historically significant and fascinating album chronicling the progress of the construction of factories at Ningpo near Fuzhou for the manufacture, mixing, drying, and separation of smokeless yellow and brown gunpowder for the Imperial Japanese Kwantung Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

    Following their stunning victory in the Russo-Japanese Post D.

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    Some Experiences of an Air Raid Warden. A memoir of the socialist theorist and politician John Strachey's experiences as a London air-raid warden; "During the war he served in a succession of postsair raid warden, public relations officer, radio commentator, and Royal Air Force wing commander. With the war's end, Strachey was returned to Parliament in the London : First edition, fourth impression. First published in March the same year.

    With the war's end, Strachey Exceptional collection of clandestinely accumulated proclamations and propaganda posters from the Nazi Occupation of Northern France. Lille-Roubaix—Tourcoing conurbation : Haunting documents of oppression and resistance in Nazi-occupied northern France.

    Intensely evocative, the marks of making on these composite posters clearly reveal the driven process behind their creation; the riskful gathering of the fragments, their painstaking collaging, careful docketing, and vigilant concealment as important evidence in the future Gimlet Lends a Hand. Leicester : First edition, first impression. The sixth book in the author's Gimlet series. Gimlet's Oriental Quest. The fifth book in the author's Gimlet series. The R. Overseas: the Sixth Year.

    Toronto : First edition, first impression. Presentation copy to Johnnie Johnson, with gift label to front free endpaper signed by Air Commodore L. From the library of James Edgar "Johnnie" Johnson , wartime Spitfire ace, and with occasional marginalia by him. The Jews. Are They Human? Written following the author's visit to Berlin in , Lewis's book takes its ghastly title from a now-forgotten bestseller called The English: Are They Human?

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    An avowedly anti-fascist book, it was intended partly as an apology for his earlier ill-judged writings on the subject, Scott King's Modern Europe. Gebiet Leningrad. Berlin : First edition, extremely uncommon "invasion" handbook produced by the Nazi General Staff cartographical department. OCLC locates just two apparently complete sets - BL and Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - and two copies of the text volume alone, both in Germany, and a scatter of the maps in German institutions.

    Issued just three months before the beginning Salzburg-Wien : First edition. Harris; William C. Johnston; William G. Toronto : First edition, this copy from the library of "Johnnie" Johnson, "the Commonwealth's premier ace of the war" p , his ownership inscription to the front free endpaper, and page reference "leadership p49" to the half-title.

    In Johnson was made Wing Commander of No.

    James Meikle Smith & Janet Cameron Smith. BUDDIES WAR 1939 - 1945

    This Above All. This Second World War novel about a British soldier's crisis of conscience was adapted into an Academy Award winning film in The Last Man. Rare, particularly in the dust jacket, this is one of the earliest novels to incorporate a doomsday device. It was critically well-received, with George Orwell writing that the book "raises a real problem decay in the belief in absolute good and evil". The Ministry of Fear. An Entertainment.

    Four Quartets. New York : First collected edition, first impression with the slug "First American Edition" to the verso of the title page. In the first issue dust jacket with nine titles on the lower panel and 2. His youngest brother, Edison Uno , became a leader of the postwar Japanese American community and one of the earliest and most vocal proponents of reparations.

    Buddy was eventually released from prison and lived out the rest of his life in Japan, having married a Japanese woman in with whom he had three children. Weakened by the malaria and tuberculosis he had contracted at the end of the war, he died on December 10, , in Kobe. Hayashi, Brian Masaru.

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    Stanford: Stanford University Press, Ichioka, Yuji. Ishii, Amy Uno. Arthur A. Munich: K.