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George Oppen compilation of readings (from New Collected Poems)

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Laudon, Karen. Laughlin, James. Lawrie, Doug. Lax, Robert. Lea, Tom. Lease, Joseph. Box 25 Lease, Joseph. Leavitt, Dick. Leed, Jacob. Lehman, John. See: Rosebud. Lehmann, Glenn A. Leibowitz, Herb. See: Parnassus: Poetry in Review. Leif, Irving P. I was speaking again of my own specific response and not searching that interior.

I said no , and then said it's the lust of the eyes that moves the belly-wave. It acknowledges the spirit and circumstances of where we are, of being far at sea, of being among the elements. It's a little too complex to reduce but it definitely rejects that inner space. It says no to it except where the spirit moves out to infinity, or at least to the given which I take to be infinite. Oppen's account of his poem is not completely clear, though his emphatic rejection of an 'inner space' in favour of 'the circumstances of where we are' is surely one kind of attempt to open poetry to something beyond the self.

At least we might say that the particular ambition of this poem and Oppen's attendant sense of modernity as a 'being far at sea' are there to remind us of some of the 'fixities' left in our wake as we move from one modernism to another. One driving force behind the recent expansion of work in the field is the Modernist Studies Association which has held a large-scale annual conference since In an earlier form, the present essay was given as a paper to the first conference of the MSA. See, for example, Houston A.

Reference will be made to this volume as NCP throughout. Further references will be given in the text. See also the discussion of these ideas in my 'A Homemade World? Williams, Unpublished letter to Henry W. Wells, quoted in A. Draper, ed. Cid Corman's magazine Origin played a crucial part in bringing such writers to an American audience.

Hermann Broch, The Death of Virgil , trans. Bakhtin, The Dialogic Imagination , trans. Significantly, perhaps, this is Oppen's most forthright comment on Pound's guilt and it is confided to his notebook see 'The Circumstances: A Selection from George Oppen's Uncollected Writing', ed. The fullest and most conflicted response is, arguably, Charles Olson's; see Catherine Seelye, ed.

Maurice Blanchot, The Writing of the Disaster , trans. The Writing of the Disaster , 7. Blanchot, The Infinite Conversation , trans. Several contributors to The Objectivist Nexus , make this point. Dennis Young, Iowa Review , Rachel Blau DuPlessis, ed. Oppen Selected Letters , Quoted in Oppen, Selected Letters , Heidegger, An Introduction to Metaphysics , , Ibid, Gerald L.

Bruns, Maurice Blanchot , Selected Letters , For analogies to Oppen's way with quotation and citation it is helpful to look to contemporary poets. It becomes altered by the impetus of the poem itself, the demands of the rhythm, the surrounding material, whatever. As so it's not quotation exactly. It's a form of citation, but it's layered, covered over. Heidegger, The Basic Writings , ed.

It manifests what is merely present before us or set over against us in the form of representations; it breaks the hold we have on things and allows them to come into their own as beings. Heidegger, Being and Time , trans. See 'The Mind's Own Place', 3: 'It is possible to find a metaphor for anything, an analogue: but the image is encountered, not found; it is an account of the poet's perception, of the act of perception; it is a test of sincerity, a test of conviction, the rare poetic quality of truthfulness.

Oppen's etymology seems slightly awry here. Soli was an ancient Anatolian seaport. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica , 'The bad Greek spoken there gave origin to the term solecism Greek soloikismos. Selected Letters , 'Doubt, rather than faith, is the motivation of an ethic of pity. Dennis Young, This motif of 'piercing' occurs in several poems. Oppen may also have recalled the use of the same word in Simone Weil's Waiting on God , trans. Emma Crawfurd London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, , 'this nail has pierced a hole through all creation, through the thickness of the screen which separates the soul from God.

See my '2 doits to a boodle: reckoning with Thrones ', Sagetrieb forthcoming. See Hegel, The Phenomenology of Mind , trans. Baillie New York: The Macmillan Company, , 'For the real subject-matter is not exhausted in its purpose, but in working the matter out. Similarly, the distinctive difference of anything is rather the boundary, the limit, of the subject; it is found at that point where the subject-matter stops, or it is what this subject-matter is not. NCP , In the interview with Kevin Power, Oppen seems to suggest that the passage from Weil is the one used as an epigraph for 'Of Hours'.

Variations on the phrase include 'this is a work of the intellect in that it feels the extreme outer limit of the ego' 'George Oppen: "The Philosophy of the Astonished"', Hegel, The Phenomenology of Mind , 86 my emphases. For Oppen's reading of the 'Preface', see, for example, Selected Letters , The 'jewel' and 'treasure' rejected in the poem's third line seem somehow related to an idea of fetishised or introverted selfhood.

Weil, Waiting on God , The request as a library is a catalog of the immediate phenomenon changing the resource of the caratteristiche. This battle might too resolve fundamental to choose. You see requested a complex article, but have not be! Battin , ; Cholbi Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Zema, Grace Monahan, Daniel J. Indianapolis: Hackett, The free the music of thought in the poetry of george oppen and william of independent Bigravity -.

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