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Like the good citizens of Bristol, the audience must decide whether or not Fanny is capable of informed consent. You will be transported back to the 18th century and gripped by this thrilling true story, told through drama, dance and song by people with learning disabilities themselves, who know what it is to be seen as different, to be used, tricked and overlooked — but who also, like Fanny, enjoy adventure and the good things in life.

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Openstorytellers is an award winning Frome-based charity for people with learning disabilities. They have been researching the history behind the events with the help of grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Brigstow Institute. See our guidelines.

Fanny Kemble and Pierce Butler

Did you know we are a registered charity? Please help support the theatre and our artistic programe by making a donation. This angered and disgusted Mrs. Dashwood [1].

Fanny Fust show at the Merlin Theatre

Immediately, Fanny designated herself as the mistress of Norland, degrading her husband's family to mere visitors [2]. She disguised this as concern for her son, which she was, of course, but mostly it was for herself.

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  7. She convinced him that his father didn't mean that his son should give them monetary gifts instead of occasional good will. John readily agreed with her, but allowed his family to live at Norland until they found a suitable home [2]. Fanny invited her brother, Edward Ferrars , to stay at Norland [3] , and he formed an attachment with Elinor , the eldest Miss Dashwood.

    Fanny Moser (baroness)

    Fanny and John were surprised when informed that Mrs. Dashwood's relative [4]. She couldn't help be a little bit of a gloat when she watched the women's small number of packages of furniture leave Norland, because their income would be so much less than hers [4]. Fanny is vain, selfish, and snobby. When her husband means to help his stepmother and half-sisters, she convinces him to let them live in poverty, using manipulation.

    She went out of her way to separate Edward from Elinor, knowing that they shared mutual affection. Sign In Don't have an account?

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