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We discuss our place as Jews in the modern world. I find warmth in this. I do it to move closer to my people. The other day in Pittsburgh, they killed 11 of my people. They died for one simple reason. They were born Jews. In lieu of this and other recent events, many of us believe it is a bad time to be a Jew.

I am a Jew. Plain and simple

I think this is wrong. It is a good time to be a Jew.

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It is taught amongst our people: Jews were put upon this world to practice Tikkun Olam. The Jewish deaths in Pittsburgh have given this country a chance for repair.

I Am a Jew

It will give all people, no matter what race, what following, what party, what tag they go by, the chance to find their goodness, no matter how far it is buried in cynicism or hopelessness, and try to repair this broken day in this broken world teetering on a broken future. I am sure the families of those lost in Pittsburgh will not find this a cooling salve to the heat of their pain, but today the world is looking at the 11 Jews in Pittsburgh.

Unwanted or not, they are performing Tikkun Olam. They are the initial tools for sapping the power from the toxins of bigotry, blind hate and ignorance. This is why it is a good day to be a Jew.

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Because we cry not for ourselves, but for the world we can repair. If we Jews do not believe this, then all the tears we shed today — and all those we have shed for the last 5, years — will have been in vain. I am the walking skeleton surrounded by strangers, women who grab my bony hand and give me hope to go on. Do not let us be forgotten.

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Tell the world what this terrible storm did to the world. Tell what hatred and indifference can do.

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  5. I am almost at the end of that road covered with thorns. I am out of the storm. I am looking for the path with the roses and aroma of the flowers. I am alive. I am never going to forget that storm. I am not going to allow that path to be covered with thorns.

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    I am going to remember the last commandment that I was given by the women around me. I am a Jew. I will fulfill this commandment. I am a Jewish woman, feed the hungry, I speak up for the oppressed, I love all the children of the world, I praise the Lord for all that he gave me. The text, images, and audio and video clips on this website are available for limited non-commercial, educational, and personal use only, or for fair use as defined in the United States copyright laws.

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