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The monk was full of ideas, but no work ethics. So days passed with the monk begging for food and money and…. Genres: Business, Management, Leadership, Storytelling. Then you tried to tell the same funny story to a different group of people some days later and no one laughed. Knowing a story is not enough. You have to know…. Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Alexander who was looking to take charge of his life and become a successful businessman.

While he was exploring what business he could start doing to support his family, he met a very well-traveled man. The older man told Alexander great tales of his travels and then he talked about a country that had no onions. In all his life, he had never heard of such a thing. There was a young man who had ambitions to work for a company because it paid very well and was very prestigious. Eventually, he was given an entry-level position. Then he turned his ambition to his next goal—a supervisor position that would afford him even greater prestige and more pay.

So he completed the tasks he was given. He came in early some mornings and stayed late so the boss would see him putting in long hours.

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After five years a supervisor…. There was an elderly man who had a profitable little business selling hot dogs on a busy street corner in a major city. But he sold great hot dogs and his customers loved him. One day as many times before in a small country town a little boy walked into a barbershop. As this was the only barbershop in town it was always filled with customers. Watch while I prove it to you. While behind the counter the barber puts a dollar…. There were two warring tribes in the Andes, one that lived in the lowlands and the other high in the mountains.

The mountain people invaded the lowlanders one day, and as part of their plundering of the people, they kidnapped a baby of one of the lowlander families and took the infant with them back up into the mountains. Genres: Business, Motivation, Self-Improvement.

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The book had some great insights and I really liked the first couple of chapters but…. Why is that? Well, you will find your answers to that in the book Neuroscience for leaders where the authors talk about how your brain works, changes…. If you think about it… which are your favorite websites and what is so special about them that you like so much? They can help you attain a survival mindset, increase your mental resiliency, keep you motivated, and in a positive mental state. Some of these tactics have been used by athletes to increase mental toughness, POWs have used them during captivity, and many people use them everyday for mental health.

This article aims to give you actionable techniques to keep in your toolbox, and practice in your everyday life. There is no separation between mind and body. The influence of chronic hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation, and mind altering substances make it clear that the mind is hugely affected by the body. The opposite is also true. Mind over matter is not always the case. We live in a material world and have few, but very real, material needs. O ne should take care of their body to take care of their mind. This is the most important tactic for having a good mindset. Physical fitness can play a huge role in keeping your mind positive through adversity.

A fit person would be more likely to overcome a physically challenging situation; fitness can give you the confidence and edge needed to succeed. Being familiar with the challenges that could arise makes it easier for the brain to act. If you are way out of your comfort zone and you are unfamiliar with the steps that need to get done, you could panic or freeze. A mind less experienced and trained would be more stressed out and overloaded in comparison to one that has practised survival skills to the point where they are almost unconscious.

Adventures and training expose you to physical and mental hardships. Being out of your comfort zone regularly helps your mind become more adaptable and strengthens your mental toughness. Gradual training can boost your proficiency and confidence. Research tells us that will power is limited and can be exhausted. But will power is also renewable and can be strengthened if used often.

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Doing things with a non-dominant hand, dieting, exercising regularly, and many other activities that require discipline are ways of using and strengthening your power of will. Will power could be needed for most survival task; survival is not easy. Extinction is the rule, survival is the exception. Will power could be the only thing standing between focusing on improving your situation, and being a hopeless victim. Daily cold showers are a great, and convenient way of strengthening your willpower and building mental resilience.

Adjust the shower to the coldest setting and get in there for two minutes.

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Gradually progress to 5 minutes. Put on warm clothes or exercise if you need to rewarm. Forcing yourself to do something unpleasant everyday, even in the days when you least want to will increase your willpower. To counteract the depletion of your will power, try to achieve your tougher objectives early on.

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This is a common strategy used amongst soldiers during hell week. Complex or difficult objectives should be simplified into smaller checkpoints or steps. The more difficult the goal the smaller the steps. People in this situations often divide objectives into days, meals, minutes, and steps. Having simple, feasible objectives allows the mind to have small wins and focus only on the immediate objective rather than trying to wrap around a much longer and difficult goal. Once the objective is attained you can focus on the next one.

Break the thousand mile journey into baby steps. Record, write or reflect about your daily small wins. Take a moment tonight to appreciate what you have. Treat yourself with the kindness that you would show a friend. Learn from it and move on.

Improvise, adapt, overcome. There is nothing permanent except change Heraclitus. Hardships will eventually end. R ather than thinking about the entire situation, focus on the fact that it will end , and in the meantime, control smaller parts of it. Remind yourself during you most painful moments that things will improve.

Having meaning and purpose in your life can be a huge driver and support during difficult times. Try to define your why. Why are you in this world? Why is this so important that you are willing to go through blood, sweat and tears for it? What be specific do you want to achieve? Why is it important to you? He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Having faith in a higher power or oneness can be a huge mental aid. Just like having passion and purpose, faith can function as a support during difficult situations. Meditating for minutes is not only calming for the mind, but it will also exercise your power of concentration. The ability to focus is directly related to your will power. Breathing exercises like box breathing can reset your mental rhythm and take your mind off a negative path of fear, panic, or anger. They are very effective at calming and improving your mental state.

Having specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals can help your mind be organized and focused.