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When he turned them to the light, he could see their fractured ends and hollow cores. They were light as a feather, as brittle as chalk.

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And as easy to break as a straw In the wild crags of the Dark Peak moorland, a ruthless conflict has been raging for years. The discovery of an illegal haul from the bedroom of a terraced house is a clue to what might be at stake - perhaps the entire future of one of the most prized landscapes in the Peak District National Park.

For Ben Cooper, his assignment to the Rural Crime Squad means stepping into the middle of the conflict, without being quite sure whose side he's on.

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The predators come in all shapes and sizes. But this summer not all the darkness is underground, and not all the devils are folk legends. Mingling with the holidaymakers is a convicted killer, bent on revenge.

Fourteen years ago Mansell Quinn was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing his lover to death. Now he's out and within a matter of hours his ex-wife is found dead - a new identity and a new home no safeguard against murder.

Claws Season 1 - OFFICIAL TRAILER - Only on Stan.

Looking to the original case files for clues to the fugitive's wherabouts, detectives Diane Fry and Ben Cooper discover there may be other potential victims out there. And as the son of the officer responsible for putting Quinn behind bars, Ben realizes that his own name could be high on the list.

Claws (The Cooper & Fry series) (English Edition) por Stephen Booth

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